Liverpool, City and Everton – Excited, Nervous And Sick

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Alright Reds.



There’s no real reason behind this article, I just wanted to express my thoughts about the next ten days and make myself feel better.


It’s a bloody big week for our Jurgen and his boys and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I’ve put the Palace win behind me and all I can think about is the next three games. What will happen? Could we be in the semi-finals of the Champions League? Could we smash gravy whore Sam Allardyce and his merry men of central midfielders?


Or the complete opposite, could we be knocked out by City? Out at the quarter final stages? And could Merseyside be blue again if Everton manage a draw. Not my words. The words of Phil Neville.


I don’t know if I’m excited, nervous, or sick. Probably all three on a constant five-minute cycle. I don’t know where I’m at or what to think.


Then I think about the coach welcome. Fuck the main stream media and their spin on it. This welcome is about Liverpool not City. It’s been a good few years since this as happened and was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Let’s hope it adds an inspirational kick up the arse for our players too.


Some of which won’t have experienced anything like it. I bet the best welcome Van Dijk had was Jurgen waiting for him on The Big One in Blackpool. And as for Andrew Robertson, well, who wants to go to Hull.

Let’s think about the Champions League games for a second. Can we beat City? Of course we fucking can. To have any other attitude is just insane. We’ve beaten them once already and their heads fell off for ten minutes.


Yes, they are an amazing side, well drilled and exciting to watch but how many teams actually give them a fucking game??? Wigan, they won. Shaktar Donesk, won. Basle, won.


The truth is when someone goes toe to toe with them they don’t like it, that’s because they aren’t used to it. Everyone else is scared of them. And rightly so. Not fucking Liverpool though. And why should we be? As I’ve mentioned already, we’ve beaten them, our record at Anfield over recent years against them is magnificent.


Listen, I’m under no illusions this is going to be a walk in the park but we as fans should have confidence from that and so should the players.


City are a class act, I watched them against The Ev on Saturday and they were extraordinary. But Everton were shite, absolute garbage. I’m hoping they’ve lured City into a false sense of security by letting them think they are unstoppable. Everton didn’t press, they didn’t defend. They were just going through the motions.


Liverpool will take them to task. And with that Anfield roar behind them I fancy our chances. Ask me again in five minutes however and I might be nervous again.


The away game will obviously be something different. It’s difficult to judge given the game earlier in the season was so one sided after Sadio was sent off for dropkicking Ederson in the face. Still think it was harsh. Add to that the fact we didn’t have VVD or Robertson in the side at the time. And we had sand hands Mignolet in goal.


It also depends on the result from the first leg. It’s become a bit of a cliché now but I don’t believe having the second leg at Anfield would have been better for us. We are the underdog, nobody expects us to win and I think that plays into our hands.

Ultimately, if you had said to me and the majority of Liverpool fans at the start of the season we would have been in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League and more than likely to finish in the top four, I think we would have all taken it.


And before some of you start, it’s not settling for mediocrity or being “happy with fourth”, its life you can’t have it all your own way. Of course I’d have loved it if we won the League, Champions League and if I had started to date Daisy Ridley. Only one of them is possible, the Champions League obviously. Unless Daisy you happened to be reading this. DM’s @rossic89.


Anyway, I’m kind of alright if City knock us out. I’m not, but I am. I want to win, I think we are capable of beating them, but will I complain if they knock us out? Not unless we are totally embarrassed no, and I can’t see that happening.


Some people may consider it another trophy less season for Liverpool and Klopp but for me it’s still a sign of progression, a sign of intent and a sign of the club moving forward.


City are another level and that’s why they are favourites. OK, they’ve spent a shitload of money but you have to give Pep credit too, Kevin De Bruyne has come on leaps and bound and Pep has also taught that fucking fat arsed snake Sterling how to finish from five yards.


We will know more in a few days but let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the City game, do you agree with me or am I chatting absolute shite?


The Everton game is another huge one, not just because it’s a Derby but its potentially another step forward to securing a top four spot and if we win, we can go second depending on other results.


Everton were fucking terrible at Anfield and I still feel aggrieved about the result. I hope Bobby gets a hat trick and celebrates by shoving Mason Holgate into the crowd. After all its not a bookable offence, right?

On paper we should wipe the floor with them but its possibly â??one of them’. The diabetes ridden, salad dodging gravy train will surely pull out the shithouse tactics for this one. Determined to piss on our parade. To be fair, what else have they got to play for? That Chunk Tosun or whatever he’s called has come into some sort of form but nothing that will concern big Virg.


My only worry is the amount of physical and mental energy the lads will use in the City game, but these are the big games players strive to be in. Add to that a below par performance against Palace, by our standards that is.


We can take encouragement from that also, not the best performance but still managed a win. Klopp has mentally improved these lads over the course of the season.


In ten days’ time we could be sat here on top of the fucking world, as high as a kite. Through to the semis and with a derby win under our belt.


Or we could be destroyed, out of the Champions League and devastated at a derby defeat/draw. Twitter will become even worse than it already is, the Klopp out brigade will resurface, a 12-year-old lad determined to rally an FSG Out plane over Anfield will be back. I can’t deal with that.


Either way, we are in for a ride. This is why we love football, this is why we love Liverpool Football Club and the reason millions of reds will be chanting YNWA across the world during the next ten days.


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Up the fucking Reds!!!!



Ross (@rossic89)

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