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Ross – @rossic89

Liverpool are Champions of The World. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment.

We are the best team in the fucking world. For the first time in our history. And what a thing of beauty it was to witness. Created quite  few chances and looked like ‘one of them’, a game where we would rue missing chance after chance. Why do I still think like this? The players certainly don’t.

They are called mentality monsters for a reason.

Anyway. Everyone gets a ten.

Alisson – 10

Produced another big save to keep Liverpool in the game but besides that he had very little to do. Distribution, decision making and ability to come off his line at the right time spot on. World Champion.

Trent – 10

I cannot discuss what I was doing at his age. Here he is, 21, European Champion, World Champion, record holder. Best of all, he’s only going to get better. World Champion.

Gomez  – 10

So much better from Joe today. Brimming with confidence and has a decent amount of game time/rhythm under his belt now. Flamengo love to get forward, and fast. Thought Joe was superb. World Champion.

van Dijk – 10

Back in the side and back dominating. Every perfromance is a joy to behold. Positional awareness and reading of the game is exemplary. He’s like the fucking Matrix or something. World Champion.

Robbo – 10

Not piss boiling today but a solid defensive display from Robbo. Again pinned back to help out the back line rather than bombing forward at every opportunity. Second half he got forward, linked up with Mane and caused problems. World Champion.

Hendo – 10

Covered every blade of grass ten times over this fella. He was everywhere. I mean everywhere. Dominant in the press, hounded Flamengo players start to finish and didn’t give up on anything. Best player on the pitch. World Champion.


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Keita – 10

Another top, top performance from Naby Keita. Energetic, tenacious and an all round handful. Picked up pockets of space, linked up with the front three as well as providing support for the defence. Can’t ask for much more really. World Champion.

Ox – 10

Gutted for this fella, I really am. In truth it wasn’t his best game but it’s irrelevant for me right now. Hopefully the crutches and boot are just precautionary. World Champion.

Mane – 10

The level of performance Sadio puts in week in, week out is truly incredible. The drive, determination, passion intertwined with world class ability is nothing short of phenomenal. World Champion.

Salah – 10

Hold up play has really impressed me recently. He’s only little but he’s a strong fucker. Has the maturity and awareness to bring others into play whilst occupying about 19 defenders. World Champion.

Bobby – 10

I thought he fucked it. I really did. Who am I? Why should I second guess this mad bastard? Just wanted him to bury it. Nah, he had to sit down a defender and a cramp ridden goalkeeper didn’t he? World Champion.


Lallana – 10

Comes on, does a job. The role of a squad player. Again we saw glimpses for 13/14 Lallana. Tireless work ethic and…….World Champion.

Milner – 10

Just reet good to ‘ave T’Yorkshire lad top of world innit. World Champion.

Origi – 10

Honestly, where is his statue? World Champion.

Shaqiri – 10

Wasn’t on long really but fuck it. He gets a ten too. World Champion.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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