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17:38 – Danny Ings Day

Looks like he might be on his way!


14:08 – Slow news day

Nothing happening here or anywhere else really. Name any centre half to play in the Premier League in the past 12 years and United have been linked with him. Thats pretty much it.


13:04 – Firmino a hero


Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino is loved by pretty much everyone. Now the Brazilian has gone the extra mile for one family after he pledged £59,000 in order to help pay for treatment for their sick children.

A target of £825,000 was required for the treatment and Booby stumped up the remainder of the money so they could hit the target and move forward with treatment. According to The Echo, his wife Larissa made the phone call to the family to let them know Firmino wanted to assist the family and the children who suffer from spinal muscular atrophy. The children can now go to America for a year-long treatment programme.


12:57 – Nice news

Not really news to be honest, but a welcome distraction from all the other bollocks! Over on the LFC website you can have a look at the Liverpool players in training as they gear up for Sunday’s game versus West Ham. Link Below

LFC Training


12:40- Maybe not

11:30 – Ings to go?

It looks like Liverpool are hoping to shift Danny Ings before todays 5pm deadline. Newcastle are one the teams reportedly interested in the striker with Southampton and Crystal Palace also keen to sign him.




11:14: Solanke to Rangers?

According to The Scotsman that could be the case. It was interesting that Solanke didn’t feature in the game against Torino on Monday with Ings and Origi seemingly on their way out.

If the potential loan deal was to go through Solanke would join Kent and Ojo in making the move from Merseyside to Glasgow. You could chuck Jon Flanagan in there too but he made a permeant move.

11:08 – #LFC

So whats in store for Liverpool? Not a lot probably, maybe some outgoings but it looks like Jurgen is done spending this summer. It’s also important to remember that other windows across Europe remain open after today. So if Markovic is still here at 5.01pm, don’t worry. There’s still time to get rid of him.


Morning Reds! I’ll be honest with you, i’ve been waiting for this day. I don’t mind the transfer window but deadline day is the biggest load of bollocks going. Sensationalised by Sky Sports to save them the job of repeating the same old shite they’ve been talking about for the past 12 hours. Contradicted by them offering odds on certain transfers after they’ve clearly fed you some bullshit. Presented by an arrogant toss pot that lets a yellow tie define him and his life.

The only interesting thing to happen on deadline day was that time that fella got a dildo in the face, remember that?


Apart from that I don’t mind it.


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