Liverpool FC Trophy Parade CONFIRMED!

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Liverpool go into their final two games of the season with an opportunity to win an unprecedented four major trophies. The club have announced today that even if the Reds are not victorious in their remaining two competitions, there will still be a victory parade held in the city on May 29th.

The men’s team know they will be able to celebrate victory in both the FA Cup and League Cup, but will be hoping to be holding the Premier League and Champions League trophies by the time the parade comes around. The women’s team will also be joining the parade, having won the FA Women’s Championship title.

On the latest episode of our Journo Insight Show, we asked’s Neil Jones for his thoughts on the city’s first victory parade since 2019.

Neil said:

“The only thing I would say is I would be interested from a player’s perspective. I think they will probably lose the Premier League; stranger things have happened, but I think they will. If you lose the Champions League and then it’s like, ‘Right, come on lads, on the bus and let’s have it.’ It might be just an absolute amazing lift for those players that we still love you, even though you’ve not quite got the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I’ve been to parades after winning one trophy. I can remember 2001 being an incredible one off, but this is another one off, isn’t it?

Probably on an even greater scale if they can get it done. I think it’s something to look forward to. Do you want to send them out there and make them relive it if they’ve lost the night before? I think they do probably deserve that credit and that ovation. A few of the women’s team missed the Anfield experience, the captain was away, Missy Bo [Kearns] was away. It will be great for them to experience that. You’ve still got the hangover of the Premier League win. I think they do deserve it and whatever happens, it’s going to be an incredible colour and noise and event.”


Redmen Reacts

Even if Liverpool do not manage to win either the Premier League or the Champions League, the club are right to hold a victory parade. The players, coaches and staff deserve to feel the love and respect the fans have for them. Two domestic cups would represent an incredible season for almost any other side in the country. The women’s team deserve to celebrated following their league triumph this season. Their relegation from the WSL was embarrassing for the club and left them open to accusations of not caring about the women’s team when the game is growing exponentially. Reds fans were not able to thank the players for their unbelievable efforts in 2019/20, so a collective outpouring of emotion feels like a necessity at this moment in time, especially given the difficult times we have all been through

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