Do Liverpool Have Midfield Issues? | The Redmen TV Podcast

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Do Liverpool Have Midfield Issues? | The Redmen TV Podcast

Paul, Sam and Ste are here with this week’s Podcast, where we put to bed Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Brighton, look ahead to Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid and ask whether Liverpool should have gone into the season with more depth in midfield.

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Timo Suurtükk @suurtimo

You have to name your newborn child and can only use the first-names of non-british players in our squad. What you picking?

Jack Jones @RealJackJoness

With AFCON being extended would you rather wait until the summer to sign a midfielder & a forward, in the summer there is more time, better value, bigger pool of players available. But is it worth holding out until summer to get the perfect signing if it jeopardises this season?





  • The Midfield- injuries really starting to bite
  • Naby out again
  • The Depth argument- any validity now that we are 10 games in?
  • Gini
  • Oxlade-Chamberlain


  • Thiago and Fabinho back in training
  • Good chance to see if we’ve learned anything from the Wanda game.
  • If it’s a choice, does Klopp preference West Ham at the weekend?
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