“Liverpool Has Set A Benchmark!” – Bruce Grobbelaar On World In One City & Anfield Goalkeepers

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Across the nation and indeed Europe one international football tournament has the attention of the masses, whilst, across Merseyside, most of the talk revolves around another, perhaps more unconventional competition, World In One City

Growing year in and year out the inspirational and fiercely competitive month-long action has reached the end of the group stage this week and ahead of the knockout stage draw on Saturday, the final night of week two provided more thrills and spills.

Group D was the centre of attention as last year’s beaten finalists Yemen overcame the Rest of the World to secure top spot with qualification for both already sealed. 

Trent Surprises Local Hero | Story of the World In One City

However, the main talking point of the night was provided by yet another recognisable face in attendance. After legendary Liverpool winger, John Barnes popped down to watch on as Jamaica missed out on a knockout phase spot earlier in the week, European Cup-winning goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar was on hand to inspire and offer his words of wisdom to a Zimbabwe side looking to book an automatic place in next year’s tournament. 

Before the game got underway, we spoke to the Spaghetti-legged former Liverpool, a proud Zimbabwe stopper about the event: “This is so unique, when you look at it the name speaks for itself, so many ethnic groups, the diversity of the whole of Liverpool. For them to get together and create this tournament is fantastic. 

“We’ve got the Zimbabwe team needing a win to get through to next year’s competition and I’ve come down to give a little bit of support.”

Bruce Grobbelaar passed on words of wisdom at half-time in Zimbabwe vs Albania

On the fans: “It’s quite special. What we need is more tournaments like this around the country. Liverpool has set a benchmark on how it’s delivered. Long may it continue.” 

On the football: “Without these tournaments, you won’t get the next Bruce Grobbelaar or the next John Barnes. This can grow a player and that’s good, if we can get this tournament even bigger and better in the future, that’s fantastic.”

We also spoke to Bruce about the current goalkeeping situation at Anfield, Liverpool being blessed in the stopper department and Alisson Becker simply being the best in the world: “Yes, Alisson Becker is the best in the world, without a doubt. The things his goalkeeper coach Taffarel and what the other goalkeeper coaches have done with Alisson Becker are quite remarkable. 

“He’s just unbelievable with his angles, he suffocates any shot, he’s got his angles right all the time.”

On his 1v1 prowess: “Alisson is hugely above anyone you can mention on one one-on-ones. He is brilliant. He gets to the player quick enough for him to be able to make that save. It’s his footwork, fast feet, and anticipation, the first five yards are in his head, like outfield players, that’s where you get the best players. As a goalkeeper, you have to get into position and smother that angle.” 

On Caoimhin Kelleher’s future: “When Alisson Becker was injured, Kelleher came in and did an unbelievable, phenomenal job. When you get the last manager stating in the press three years ago ‘We have the best goalkeeper in the world and we’ve got the second-best sitting on the bench’, that speaks highly of Kelleher. 

“I had a recent discussion in Ireland and they wanted to know ‘What should Kelleher do?’ because the Irish team will only play you if you’re playing for your club. So I said, it’s very easy for me because I can see Kelleher going but can’t he go to the club and say ‘I’d like to go and play but put a buyback clause and then I’ll come back if Alisson goes’. 

“That’s the discussion they’re going to have.” 

Grobbelaar watches on as Zimbabwe attack

Grobbelaar’s words and presence paid dividends as the nation he represented on 32 occasions during an illustrious career won 3-1 and secured their spot in the 2025 competition. 

Yet another successful start to the force of nature that is the World In One City! Make sure to keep your eyes across their socials for the draw, fixtures, results and more! 


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