Liverpool 0-0 Arsenal (Pens 4-5) | Carabao Cup | Player Ratings

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Ross – @rossic89

Anyone still awake after that? Might just re-watch the 5-5 from last year you know. What a fucking tease that was. Joking aside there was one or two decent performances in there for Liverpool and some encouragement cant be taken but fuck me, that was boring. We are out the Carabao. Which is always shite, I want to win everything. But given we are wall to wall with fixtures it might not be a bad thing. Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Adrian – 7 Big save 1st half. Big save 2nd half. Which to be fair, we always say is the sign of a decent goalkeeper. Relatively fuck all to do but showed up when it needed. Hard luck on the pens. Will be annoyed with the last one. He saved one but not our day today. Shit cup anyway. Neco Williams – 7 Fair fucks to this lad. After all that shite he went through it shows terrific character and mental strength to come back and play like that. Made some crucial interceptions and tackles. Didn’t know Pepe was on until the second half. Shit cup anyway. Rhys Williams – 8 Really impressed with Williams tonight; dominant in the air, comfortable on the ball and showed a range of passing again. Even when Van Dijk left the pitch he was still fucking sound. My MOTM. Besides Leno. Shit cup anyway. Van Dijk – 7 Probably had more intense training sessions. In fact given the game we’ve just witnessed I’m going to guess he’s put more into knocking a massive shite after a Sunday lunch. You know the ones. On your phone for ages and the tops of ya legs are red from ya elbows. Shit cup anyway. Milner – 7 Bet he’s fucking fumin. Robbo and Tsimikas at left back. 5 games deep into the season…Milner at left back please. He won’t be that arsed like but he looked goosed at the end from bombing up and down the wing! Defo handball that too. Shit cup anyway. Grujic – 8 Yeah, sound really. Could have scored but Leno turned into fucking Stretch Armstrong. Wasn’t to be. Other than that some good runs from deep and not shy to throw himself into a challenge. Shit cup anyway.




Jones – 7 One of the more interesting performances. I say interesting, I mean exciting. He fucking did something. Lovely little Rabona in the first half.  Shit cup anyway. Wilson – 5 Er….just a bit sound really. Bit hard or the lad and everyone else being in a disjointed side and moving position for what felt like every five minutes. No stand out moments really. Oh he got booked. Shit cup anyway. Minamino – 6.5 OHH Taki!! How did that hit the bar lad. Hit the bar after the game. Popworld if you must. Much more entertaining than that game. Warning. S Club 7 will hit you hard. Got a yellow card and was decent in the press, again. Shit cup anyway. Salah – 5 Got lovely hair, wasn’t really sure about his new hair cut. To be honest, I wasn’t that bothered. I’ve only really thought about it tonight. Sometimes it’s nice to have a new look. Played 60 minutes. Shit cup anyway. Jota – 7 Tell you what if that chested nutmeg, left footed half volley had gone in I’d have had me pants off. But he didn’t so they are still on. Not sure why he was taken off, looked most likely to score. Shit cup anyway.
Subs Gomez – 6 Probably good to get some more fitness in for Joe. And er, that’s about it. Shit cup anyway. Origi – 5 Out on the left. Didn’t really do anything. Shit cup anyway. Gini – N/A Player abar 15 mins. Shit cup anyway. Ross – @rossic89
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