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The Ev lost, United lost and Liverpool won. Top of the fucking league. Happy Bank Holiday weekend, Reds!

Some superb performances in there today, helped by some bizarre Arsenal tactics and just them being a bit shit in general really. Anyway we maintain our fabulous record against them and can relax until next week!

Feel free to join in the comments if you agree or disagree with any of the ratings! And remember they are just numbers!

Adrian – 7

Not content with giving it to Danny Ings last week, Adrian let Aubameyang have a free hit in the first half this week. To be fair he did make a big save to deny Pepe in that first half. Had to come off his line after that which shows he didn’t lose his head, will be annoyed to concede.

Trent – 8

Had bags and bags of space for the whole game and I don’t know why Arsenal did that, have they not seen this kid play?! Inevitably he got his chance to provide and plonked it on Matip’s head, well his ear actually but who cares.

Matip – 9 

Matip has been nothing short of phenomenal in the past 6-8 months and we often forget he was FREE! He is getting even better offensively and today was a huge test against Pepe and Aubameyang, safe to say he passed that too.

Also this…..

Virgil – 9

Looked weary of Arsenal’s attack today and rightly so, the rest of their side might have been shite today but they appeared dangerous up top. They had chances but nothing fazes Virgil. As always, calm as you fucking like. He, along with the rest of the back five will be fuming to concede after such a good game.

Robbo – 8

Like Trent Robbo was blessed with an abundance of space down that left hand side, I am so desperate for him to score you know, just absolutely twat one in. Up and down the flank like a YoYo. Another terrific perfromance from Robbo.

Fabinho – 9

Destroyer. That for me, was one of his best performances. You think some fucker has got past him and NOPE. Go-go-gadget legs! Growing in composure on the ball too, Arsenal left spaces down the flanks and Fabinho sprayed raking passes left and right for fun!


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Gini – 8

Reckon this guy could block moving traffic with a smile on his face, he is so crucial when playing attacking sides with his tracking back, energy and retaining possession AND he is so fucking composed when he does it! Cool bastard!

Hendo – 8

The amount of recoveries and space covered by Hendo was incredible. Consistent grafter and a huge part in protecting the defence, a shame we let them score but he can take huge confidence from that performance!

Bobby – 9

Fuck me sideways, is there anything this fella can’t do with a football?! Flicked it over some poor sod like it was nothing, like you could only do with ‘shit-flickers’ back at school. Bobby does it for fun. More nice touches, his usual pressing, the only thing missing was a goal!

Salah – 10

That’s how you take a penalty, no fucking about, no wondering who is taking it and then just slotting the fucker! Mo was relentless as always, loves playing Arsenal! The third goal was a thing of beauty!!

Mane – 8

Quieter by his standards. His standard being not popping up with a thunder-bastard that is. Off the ball runs, creating space and just generally being a non-stop nuisance doesn’t half tire out the opposition you know. Should have scored with a free header, but who gives a shit when we scored for fun!


Milner – 7

Brought that experience and quality to see this out this win. I say this quite a lot but it still baffles me as to how fit this man is and the energy he provides. To be honest, it almost makes me feel guilty.

Ox – 7

New contract mid-week for this guy and he rounded it off by playing the club that let him go. Fitness and minutes are still vital to Chambo. Luckily for him we are able to bring him on when we were 3-0 up!

Lallana – N/A

Only came on with five to go!

Let me know your thoughts on the game below! Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

Ross – @rossic89

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