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Ross – @rossic89


What in utter fuckery was that!?

Was in two minds if I should bother with this tonight at all. I mean why, how!?

We were so sloppy, so good, so shite, scored good goals. I don’t know anymore.

Make your own minds up.


Kelleher – 6

Really felt sorry for him. Got sold short a few times but his heroics in the shootout can’t go unnoticed. Well in lad.

Williams – 8

This is so hard. He was poor in possession, but also quite good. I might caveat all this with they are youngsters and it was a big game for them.

Gomez  – 7

The standout for me. Not great at times but the score would have been a lot worse without him there. Plenty of ball recoveries and important challenges.

Van Den Berg – 5

Really poor for me. Sloppy, nervous and all over the show. Passing not great either.

Milner – 7

Expected more from Milner tonight to be honest. He looked out of sorts, maybe it was the lads around him. Big pens though.

Lallana – 7

Is it a 7 Is it? Is it more? Is it less. Who the bloody hell knows at this point. First half decent, again sloppy at times, but who wasn’t?


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Keita – 6

Saw bursts of energy in the first half, making penetrating runs from deep, caused problems, just short of end product.

Chamberlain – 9

Probably shouldn’t be an 9. But fuck me, what a goal. Against your former club. That booed you. Not content with booing their own captain it seems.

Elliott – 7.5

Hard lines at times for Elliott tonight but that never say die attitude paid off for him. Chased everything down.

Brewster – 7

Again he caused a few threats, surprisingly good in the air too. Love the passion after banging in a pen too.

Origi – 9

I mean two big goals from Origi. That is why you don’t leave early. Big Div steps up and rescues Liverpool!


Jones – 8

Many argue he should have started and be put some life into the Liverpool side, a injection of freshness and played without fear. Well in.

Chrivella – No idea

Was he even allowed to play this time?

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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