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Clean sheets are shit anyway.

Alisson – 8

Should be sponsored by cucumbers this fucker. Seriously, how cool is he?! Sprinting 30 yards to the ball just to head it out for a throw-in, fisting the ball away but passing it, starting attacks with 50 yard volleys. We shafted Roma.


Trent – 7.5

Had a hard challenge up against Iwobi, thought he dealt with it well. We all seem to forget how young he is, he’s set his own standards so high we should all appreciate how lucky we are! Love that ball down the line to Salah too!


Lovren – 7.5

Fuming he didn’t score again to be honest, wanted some overhead kick or something. However, having another solid defender, confident in his ability and having the bollocks not to be bullied on the pitch by anyone is tremendous.


Van Dijk – 9

See Sokratis giving it the big’un at half time? Then Big Virg bounces over and tells him to shut the fuck up. Huge fan of that. Another dominant display from the best CB in the world.



Robertson – 8

Seriously what does he eat? Anyone know? Ready brek? Caramel wafers? What??! Probably still running now. Best LB in the world.

Fabinho- 7

Out of sorts for the fist 15/20, some sloppy passes which could have cost us. Probably got Rebeca on his mind, can’t blame him really, have you seen her? Absolute worldie. Anyway……he soon got a grip…of the game. Much better in the second half.


Gini – 10

MOTM for me. Doesn’t do the pretty shit but what he does, he does brilliantly. Shields and protects the ball like it’s his first born being attack by a pack of wolves. His composure on and off the ball is sublime, he can have 2 or 3 people round him, he sticks out his arse and makes a pass. Beautiful.


Shaqiri – 7.5

Might not have scored but the Powercube had Arsenal in 6’s and 7’s. Well I think they did that themselves, but Shaq popped up in all sorts of space, a nightmare to mark and a nightmare to defend. I’m sure Charlie Adam will be sat in his swamp proud of that performance.



Salah – 8 

Did he dive again? Who gives a bloody fuck. Proper rifled that into the back of the net. Just like Bobby, Shaq and Sadio, Mo confused the shit out of Arsenal and they simply couldn’t cope. Confidence is high and crucial going into the City game!


Mane – 8 

Another solid performance from Sadio, ran the ragged from the first minute. Had Torreira on toast. Took his goal well and was just a pain for Arsenal until he was taken off. Well rested for City and plenty of time to have his ‘Don’t kick Ederson in the head’ training.


Firmino – 10

I don’t even know who my Liverpool man crush is anymore, I’m so torn, it’s really not healthy. Went for the no look goal first time then decided to Samba his was round the Arsenal defence just for shits and giggles. Gave the ‘keeper the eyes for the pen. Beautiful bastard.


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