Liverpool V Arsenal | Things We Learned

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Just wow.

What did we learn? I haven’t a fucking clue. You’re on your own this point. Such a mad game of football. Anyway here we go.

Never, ever give up.

First team, youth, fringe player, back from recovery, fan, what ever your role is at this football club – never give up.

All those fans that left with ten to go, that really pissed me off, but that’s why you don’t leave.

Time and time again this side went behind and they just weren’t having it. We won’t be beaten at Anfield.

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Credit to the youth.


Yes they were poor, yes they were sloppy but that was a huge game for them and on the balance of things Arsenal had much more experienced players in their side and they still capitulated.

There was so much pressure on them and they have come through a big test.

Ben paid 84p per goal

Talk about getting your moneys worth. Nothing something we learned per say, more of a funny anecdote.

Both sides were poor and brilliant at the same time and, huge mistakes were made and you can’t complain about the entertainment value. Not sure what your plans are tonight but I bet AFTV will be a belter.

Shoutout for Divock tonight too. Big goals from him. And Ox actually.

After you’ve watched all the Redmen content that is.


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