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Ross – @rossic89

Odd that. I say odd. I mean shite. For most of it. And for as much as we were poor, Villa were defensively sound and got back in shape pretty quickly. Let’s again give credit to them. We don’t want to and we should be really be doing better against them but they are fighting for their lives. As mentioned, we weren’t great. I can’t quite believe it was 2-0 to be honest. But this is what we do. We grind out results we wear teams down. WE DO NOT GIVE UP. Some concerning performances again, even more so from players such as Ox and Origi who should be doing everything to start the next game. Maybe form. fluidity is hard to come by when you are in and out of a team? Maybe I’m being harsh. Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Alisson – 8 Dominant in the air and in his box and the sexy fucker can dominate my box. Concentration has to be spot on for Alisson and he was probably busier than he expected or wanted to be. A calm presence in what was a bit of strange game. Another clean sheet in the bag. WORLD CLASS. Trent – 6 Wasn’t shite like but not the high standard he sets himself week in, week out. Struggled to get forward and cause issues for the Villa defence and to be fair to him, Villa did defend well and pack the box when Liverpool attacked. van Dijk  – 7 Just a big fuck off wall isn’t he? Cross it, he’s there. Counter, he’s there. Drive down the middle, honestly, don’t fucking bother. Sprayed a few lovely passes about the park too. Gomez – 7 Gave Sterling a reach around last week and kept a low profile today; nothing flash, nothing risky and kept it simple. Bloody loves clean sheets doesn’t he? Robbo – 5.5 Someone get this poor lad a crate of Iru-Bru and a big stack of Caramel Wafers, he needs some sugar in his life. Not sure if he’s still hungover or still on the lash. Can do much, much better. Fabinho – 6.5 Surprised he came off to be honest, the midfield was overrun but I’m not sure it was his fault. Sticks a leg in when required, puts out fires and supports the full backs. Still, not his best performance by a long shot.




Keita – 8 Link up play, pressing and work rate looked bright in the first ten or fifteen minutes and in spells during the second half. The only one who looked to create and push for the win in what was a dismal game of football. Paid off with a neat little assist for Sadio. Start the next game please. Ox – 5 Not great. Summed up by kicking his own leg trying to pass. Hardly got on the ball, passing all over the show. Disappointing to see him not take his chance. He can do better and he knows it. Salah – 7.5 OHH MY GAWWWD. Clotheslined in the first half, pulled off in the second. (Not like that) VAR fell asleep too. An outlet for the rare Liverpool attack but the supply was hardly great in his defence. Tireless as always as he chases the golden boot. Determination and selflessness makes it 8 assists for Mo now. Divock – 5 Sound hair cut lad. Probably the HIGHLIGHT (see what I did?) of his day tbh. Played left, right and middle and hardly ca.used a problem. A cult hero but struggle to see where he fits in. Not only that, he takes Mané and Mo out of their best positions Mane – 7.5 SADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…… Mané! How many times has he scored a vital goal to set the precedent for Liverpool this season? Even more so when we haven’t been great. Not willing to give up and twatted into the goal to relieve us all and whack a smile on our faces.
Subs Bobby – 7 BOSS from Bobby that. The glue that holds that front three together and it showed. Picking up space in between defence and midfield and running at the back line. We were crying out for that all game and he made it look easy. Gini – 7 Sound for me. Nothing spectacular but nothing poor. Brought much needed energy into the middle of the park and support for Salah and co. Hendo – 7 Same an Gini really. Just what was needed when Villa were getting tired. Brought some fight and gnarl into the game. Dictating play and telling the ref to fuck off, big fan of that. Jones – 7.5 Came on scored a volley and fucking got off, what a fella. Made up he signed a new deal. Exciting young player and delighted he got his first Premier League goal. Williams – N/A Played about two minutes. Ross – @rossic89
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