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Oh my days. Inject that performance into my fucking face. Outrageous play at times from several players. A joy to watch and back to winning ways. You know it’s been a good day at the office when you are gutted you didn’t score four! Anyway. What did we learn….


We haven’t fucking ‘bottled it’ 


Two poor performances may have left others thinking different, Twitter has been an absolute shithole at times the past week or so, but has any of that got to the players? Has it shite.

Gini lobbing the keeper, back heels, one touch football, penetrating counter attacks and everyone wanting to get on the score sheet. This Liverpool side isn’t going anywhere. The confidence in which we played spurred the crowd on, who played their part too. It’s going to be a long few months. We have to believe and how can we not after seeing a performance like that.

We have a while before they Bayern game now and the lads will go into it on top of the world. Let’s go and smash them too.

Our best midfield three????

Maybe not be Naby Keita certainly played better today. Maybe we should just play Bournemouth every week and he will be sound. Fabinho and Gini in the two is definitely our best option, they work so well together, they communicate so well and it shows. We missed Gini recently and Fabinho benefits from having him there. Ok, it was a 4-3-3 today but Gini drops in to help cover.

They rotated at times too, Gini made forward runs with Keita dropping, it was just easy on the eye. Poetry in motion some would say. If there was any doubt about Liverpool going into the business end of the season, well having Gini back in side and Fabinho and Keita playing like they are, we shouldn’t fear anyone.

Selfless front three

Ok, maybe this something we didn’t learn but it is definitely worth a mention. Watching Liverpool today was sublime. Bobby, Mo and Sadio just confused the shit out of that Bouremouth defence. I bet Steve Cook is glad it’s all over, he can go back to sleep now. Or have more nightmares about Mo Salah.

It’s the selflessness which I am in awe of. Be it a Bobby backheel, a Sadio step-over or some magic from Mo or some awesome alliteration from me, it all adds to the confidence, for them and the fans. None of this ‘they aren’t happy’ ‘somethings not right’ nah, they all want to score and they all want to help each other! Ok Bobby should have squared it to Virgil at the end but even he wasn’t that arsed. He wasn’t even going full speed!

With all that said it was just a beautiful performance, a proper team performance. We have loads to look forward too, including Match of the Day on repeat. You might need the pin number from your mum and dad because that was some X-rated shit.

Twitter will once again become a happy place, until some knobs decide we’ve bottled it again when City have a game in hand. It’s fine, we are in for a ride. Enjoy every moment.


Let me know your thoughts on the game afterwards!


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