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So Liverpool came away with three points after scoring three goals in what can be considered a stroll in the park. Bournemouth didn’t really threaten our goal and could have conceded more. I have picked out three points from the game which I believe were the most important and which impressed me the most.   Trent Alexander Arnold ISN’T a weak link!! He’s had everything thrown at him recently and he’s dealt with it all. Ok, he struggled against Zaha but he 19 ffs. Trent is targeted by teams up and down the country and nothing fazes him. Defensively and offensively he brings something to the table, he’s not afraid to stride forward when the time in right, he’s not afraid to throw in a tackle when needed and he’s not afraid to set up Mo Salah with an absolute fucking beauty. The crowd get behind him, he might be the only local lad in the team but regardless of that its his passion, effort and commitment that gets him the plaudits, being local just puts the icing on the cake. I really thought he might have been rested today after putting in some monumental performances of late, but he was bang up for this one, even taking over free kick duty where possible. And why would he want a rest? He must be absolutely loving life at the moment. Clyne wasn’t even on the bench today so Trent might not have had a choice, but he didn’t look tired. His improvement this season has been nothing short of spectacular and long may it continue. Our ability to break teams down Bournemouth aren’t a bogey side but they’re ‘one of them’, a potential banana skin, scabby bastards, you get my point. Well those types of teams are thing of the past since Virgil van Dijk, Robertson and Karius have come into this side. Klopp is often accused of lacking a plan B. What a load of shite. Bournemouth didn’t provide anything, they didn’t look to press and they couldn’t produce a counter attack because we wouldn’t let them! When facing low block sides of late we do have a plan B. We break them down mentally and physically! We are happy to have the ball and happy to pass it around until the perfect opportunity arises. No rushing, no playing shite balls for the sake of it, no we will keep the ball, the opposition can chase it and BAM! Take your pick, Bobby, Ox, Sadio or Salah will destroy you. On the odd occasion we do lose the ball it takes us precisely 2.378948 of a second to win it back. Ok I made that stat up but thats what it feels like when watching us play. We’ve become ruthless, a sign of winners, a sign of confidence and a sign of playing buying into Klopp’s system and style. Justice for the 96 I couldn’t write this and not pay tribute to the 96. Before the game a minutes applause was held to mark the 29th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster and booming echoes of Justice for the 96 rang around Anfield. A beautiful mosaic was put on display as both sets of fans payed their respects to the victims and the families. The importance of April 15th can never be underestimated and will be in the memory of Liverpool fans forever. You’ll Never Walk Alone JFT96 Ross Chandley
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