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What an absolutely mental game of football that was. Winning on pens in Istanbul, who’d have thought. Not a great performance by any stretch of the imagination and credit to Chelsea, they were very good – yes we were poor but there pressing and general play was very good.

Our midfield was very poor as was our defence at times. Overall we can worry about it another time. We’ve won another trophy. Extra time not ideal with Southampton on the horizon. Let’s enjoy the night and worry about it tomorrow.

Adrian and Lonergan have just won a medal.

Adrian – 8

Made some big saves and gave away a pen which was never a pen. But then he won it for us so he can have a high score.

Gomez – 7

Might seem high but he played CB, RB and LB. Made several crucial tackles – yes a few mistakes too but we were up against some players.

Matip – 7

Again he made several last ditch tackles and stood up well against Giroud but it was a proper Jekyll and Hyde performance from him tonight some really good pieces of play often spoilt by sloppy passes.

Virgil – 7

Not the best from Virgil but not terrible. Some lovely sprayed passes and organised the high line well.

Robbo – 6

Chelsea’s press caused us all sorts of problems and Robbo didn’t seem himself tonight, in fact he looked goosed to me. Frustration grew late into the second half and his passing became sloppy.

Fabinho – 6

All over the place in the first half as were the rest of the midfield. Another one that looked goosed but fair fucks, his pen was sound.

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Hendo – 6

As mentioned, none of the midfield covered themselves in glory tonight and it was frustrating to watch. Who’s arsed now though? Won another trophy..

Milner – 5

Don’t think any of our midfielders had a great game, he dropped really deep in the first half and we were overrun by the Chelsea midfield. Took a knock to be fair and carried on but still not the best from Milly.

Ox – 5

Really didn’t get involved in that game, defensively Chelsea were bang on in the first half. He looked frustrated and I feel sorry for him but the change at half time was needed.

Salah – 7

Should have scored in the first half but he was persistent as always and some really nice touches, nutmegs and shielding of the ball deep into extra time.

Mane – 8

Scores two great goals, OK for the first one was a tap in but he’s in the right place. The second is just audacious. No stopping that. First half wasn’t great for anyone and he was short of supply.


Bobby – 8

Game changer. He makes this team tick. Instant impact which was subdued later on but forever a presence and a pain in the Chelsea defence. I love him.

Gini – 6

His energy was needed late on in the game as we were tiring, not much to write home about other than that.

Trent – 6

Wasn’t on long but still provided a threat.

Origi – 6

You can see the development in his game, he runs to cut off passing lanes rather than straight at the ball. Nice pen too, even better celebration.

Everyone has a different barometer, one mans 8 is another mans 5. Let me know your ratings in the comments below! Or tweet me some constructive abuse! UP THE EUROPEAN REDS!!

Ross – @rossic89

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