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Liverpool sit top of their group after a 2-1 win at home to Genk

Few Changes 

Few changes in the starting eleven tonight which I think we all expected. The big one for me was Joe Gomez coming in at centre-back with Van Dijk, it was a big night for him to show why that position should be his and especially with a big match against Manchester City coming up he really needed to prove something tonight. His performance was average, he hasn’t had as much game time over recent weeks as he probably would have liked and that is down to Joel Matip being boss but I think he was probably surprised to see Dejan Lovren start before him, he needs to get back to how he was playing at stages last season and really mark his territory in that defence.

I was really happy to see Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain start another game and then get himself on the scoresheet with a great goal. He excels so much more in the midfield than when he does when playing on the wing and the last few games have proved it because he back in the goals and really putting himself forward as a contender to start on Sunday.

Origi upfront, fine with that but fuming that he didn’t score a worldie in the 93rd minute. Milner at left-back in for Robbo, standard when the team is rotated and then Keita and Fabinho back in midfield is fine with me. Thought Keita was a bit lethargic on the ball at times for me but that’s nothing really to moan about I suppose.

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Man City Up Next 

The biggest game of our season coming up on Sunday and it is vital that we come away from that game with something. I’m very confident that this team can win that game but you can’t deny the talent that City have and it will be a very difficult game but i’m pretty sure everyone will be singing their hearts out and backing the team for the full 90 minutes so there’s nothing to worry about is there…right?

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