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Ross – @rossic89

Not sure how I feel to be honest. We were clinical and took our chances City didn’t. Fans were terrific and so were Liverpool. Handball!

Really impressed with our ability to defend as a unit today. Everybody fought for the cause. 9 points clear. Incredible. Handball!

Alisson – 8

Always looked comfortable. Dominated his area and distribution spot on as always. Was drawn into a few saves and rushed quickly off his line when needed. Couldn’t have done fuck all about the goal really. Handball!

Trent – 8

Incredible going forward with and without the ball, showed variety in his play and made a few lung-busting runs. Defensively he got done a few times, but Sterling is one of the best players in the league, it was always going to happen. Handball!

Lovren  – 9

Solid from Dejan. And we shouldn’t be surprised really, he’s not shite. Put his body on the line and even resorted to break-dancing in the second half to prevent Sterling from getting on the score sheet. Handball!

van Dijk – 9

What else can you say about this fucker? He’s just the best in the world isn’t he. I genuinely have nothing new to say about him. Give him the keys to the City now and be done with it. Handball!

Robertson – 8

Professional footballer, professional piss-boiler. World class assist, again. Tireless, relentless and consistent performance, again! Handball!

Fabinho – 9

Well fuck me. Who knew inspector gadget had that in his locker? Absolute thunder-bastard that. Defensively resolute again, tidy’s up brilliantly and just doesn’t take any shit. Superb. Handball!


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Gini – 9

I could have given this fella a 10 to be honest. Incredible performance and work rate from his. Unreal strength to shield the ball and constantly shows the desire to win first and second balls. Handball!

Hendo – 8

He CaN oNlY pAsS sIdEwAys. Get in the bin. What an assist that was for Mané! Tireless performance from Hendo as always, pressing high and supporting Trent at every opportunity. Handball!

Salah – 8

Great finish from Mo and he looked bang up for this game. Took a knock to his ankle again but soldiered on. Continued to cause mayhem making runs in behind and creating space for others.

Bobby – 7

Quiet by his usual high standards. Those high standards being a few Rabona’s, scissor kicks and general piss taking. What you can always count on him for is his work rate, pressing and ability to never give up. Handball!

Mane – 8

Bloody diver eh Pep? Pep? You ok hun? Ohhh Sadio scored a header didn’t he. Almost a diving header? Ok maybe you were right after all! HAHAHAHAHA! Handball!


Milner – 7

On for Hendo and got about half an hour under his belt. Composure and maturity required.

Ox – N/A

Wasn’t on long.

Gomez – N/A

Came on, boiled Sterlings piss. Game over.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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