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  What is the point? Seriously, what’s the fucking point?   I think Chris nailed it in his Player Ratings video. Everyone gets a 10. Except Trent, he got a 66 out of 10. And why bloody not! But I will of course, do it properly???.sort of. Loris Karius 10 I’ve given him a 10 but in truth, he didn’t have that much to do. He may as well have pulled up a chair or just jumped into the crowd with some pyro, another excuse to type ALLEZ, ALLEZ, ALLEZ.   To be fair to him he was calm and assured, just what we needed, with the likes of Sane, De Bruyne and the rest of them that couldn’t hit the fucking target bearing down on him.   There has been a huge improvement in Karius and his all round game, he looks comfortable coming for crosses, he has confidence in himself and again yesterday he communicated with the back four excellently. Not sure how or if they heard him, but the intent was there.   And I noticed him doing all he could to cover his near post when Sane was through, determined not to be beaten again. Top marks.     Trent Alexander Arnold 10 MOTM   Well where do you start with Trent?   He came in for criticism after the Man United and Crystal Palace goals but I said all week he just needs protection. We saw in the second half against Palace and he improved. Last night Hendo, Ox and Milner all gave him that.   To be 19 years of age and put in a performance like that was just incredible, I know Leroy Sane isn’t that much older than him but I was in absolute awe of his efforts last night, defensively and offensively.   His passing and crossing is astonishing too, you can see why Klopp loves hi, hes such a raw talent that can only get better.   Virgil van Dijk 10   Big Virg. Asserted his dominance by practically dick slapping every Man City attack into thin air. Whilst at the same time marshalling 3 other lads. He just gets better and better. Not only that he improves players around him. Could have had a goal too, but he’s probably saving that for Everton at the weekend. Heard it here first.   Dejan Lovren 10   Still gets lots of criticism too but he’s the perfect partner for Virgil in my opinion. His role has changed and he doesn’t have to commit to needless challenges or 50/50 headers any more, Van Dijk does it. He threw his body on the line when needed and even managed a little dummy on the edge of his own box. Confidence.   Andrew Robertson 10   I feel for Hull. I don’t, but we’ve fucking robbed them blind. It just goes to show what quality is out there. This man is endearing himself to the Anfield faithful more and more every single week. What’s not to like about the guy? He’s humble, professional and he gives his all in every game. Another top performance from him last night, dealt with Kyle Walker and Gundogan and then Sterling when he came on. Not sure why he even brought Sterling in to be honest but there we go.   Jordan Henderson 10 Could have been MOTM, honestly one of his best performances in a Liverpool shirt. Led the press from the get go. Him and Milner were instrumental in that midfield, snuffing out any threat from Man City. Again, communication from him was just class. Telling players to keep it fucking calm after each goal. The yellow card will be a massive blow and he looked absolutely gutted. I suspect he will play against The Ev on Saturday. I’m fine with that. James Milner 10 King of social media, king of bossing the midfield. An absolute tank in the park and I love him. Loves a tackle and helps protect Robertson and Trent.   Alex Oxlade Chamberlain 10 Just the goal alone he gets a 10. He had no right, but what a hit. Loves a goal against City that lad. Integral in breaking the lines and driving at the City defence. Backtracking to protect Trent when needed and covering Trent when he went forward. Possibly his best performance in a Liverpool shirt too. Mo Salah – 10 Standard 10 for Mo. A goal and an assist. He got that bored he decided to come off. He’s amazing yet still surprises me every week. The ball to Mané is ridiculous and he has the audacity to shift the ball onto his left foot for the goal again. He did it against Watford and I was impressed, against Palace in the dying minutes and I was impressed. But in the Quarter Finals of a Champions League, under the pressure, what a hero. Roberto Firmino – 10 Everything about that first goal sums Bobby up, determined, aggressive and married with that never say die attitude. That is what separates him from your traditional ‘number 9’. He just doesn’t give up and he managed to pick out Mo Salah. Love him. Sadio Mané – 10 Top performance from Sadio and delighted he bagged a goal. Fully deserved. People say he hasn’t been at his best but he has! It just hasn’t been coming off for him. Constantly a threat and constantly driving at the City defence.   Oh and he put Otamendi on his arse.   Subs Gini – 10 Solanke – 10 Moreno – 10 Because why the fuck not. Klopp gets a 10 too. And do you know what, the fans get a 10 too! Amazing!   Article by @rossic89 For more Redmen TV content including podcasts, subscriber exclusives and three new shows every week subscribe now and get your first month for FREE
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