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Alisson – 7

Sign of a class goalkeeper with a strong mentality and the difference between now and previous years – barely fuck all to do and when Porto inconvenienced him whilst he was trying to watch the game, he made crucial saves.

Trent – 7

Some great play at times, wonderful assist for Bobby too. Everyone looked goosed towards the end, we have to remember he’s only 20!

Lovren – 7

Raised a few eyebrows, not sure if Twitter lost its shit, I presume it did. Anyway, a solid performance in my opinion. Lack of game time and about 9 injuries later, he did well.

Virgil – 8

Standard Virgil really. Looked comfortable, besides that mix up with Alisson. They were just fucking about.

Milner – 7.5

Seriously how old is he!?? Bombed up and down that wing like a teenager, was a shithouse at times too. Well played Milly.

Fabinho – 7.5

He’s just class isn’t he. Proper destroyer, puts himself about and shits up the opposition, all about that. Shuts down counter attacks and sprays the ball about too.

Baby Keith – 8

Best performance yet for me. Like a fly round shit on the press. Full of fight, desire and confidence. Getting another goal will only spur him on during the business end. MOTM for me.

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Hendo –.8

Man possessed. A leader. Played well in the 8 again, making deep runs, giving us another option during attacks and Porto couldn’t cope. Winded some lad at the end too, we all had a laugh at that.

Salah – 7

A joy to watch at times but it just wouldn’t come off for him, Porto defended deep and in numbers. Didn’t score, saving it for Chelsea on Sunday.

Mane – 7

Quieter than usual tonight but still a threat, missed his mate Robbo and found himself a little winder than usual. Like many others he looked fucking shattered towards the end.

Bobby – 8

Another MOTM contender. An assist and a goal, some lovely intricate play, some sloppy play too but he works his bollocks off to win it back when he does lose it. Love the mad bastard.


Origi – 6

Sturridge – 5

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please be aware that these are just opinion, so don’t take them personally!


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