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Errrrr what the fuck was that about!? 3-0 up coasting and then bam! Somehow it’s 3-3. We took the piss first half and then must have got complacent. And they must have had red bull at half time. Anyway, somehow, I’ve got to fucking mark this. Adrian – 6 Didn’t have that much to do in the first half in all honesty but invited needless pressure by trying to be smart. Bit of shithousery at the end time wasting. Full Ben Foster. Trent – 6.5 Honestly my heads gone. He played well for large parts of that game and was targeted time and time again. Belting assist for Robbo too. Gomez – 6.5 Lack of game time showed, he was solid for significant parts of the game but made a few rash decisions but also some crucial ones too. Virgil – 7 Not his high standard but not shite either. Salzburg through the kitchen sink at us as he got just about every body part in the way at some stage. Robbo – 6.5 He fucking scored, I’m not letting a poor second half performance ruin that moment. Was sloppy in possession at times but who wasn’t. Fabinho – 8 My word he was fantastic in the first half, for a big fucker he’s quite elegant isn’t he. Sprayed the ball about left, right and centre. Almost like a puppeteer pulling the strings.



Gini – 6.5 This is so difficult, he was amazing in the first half like everyone else but overrun in the second. Henderson – 6.5 Was just goosed in the end from all the pressing but loses points like everyone else for the second half performance. Bobby – 8 As a 30 year old male I am unable to give birth. If I could, I’d let Bobby be the dad. Faultless first half and a sublime assist for Mané. Set up the winner too! Salah – 8 Scored two goals, one of which was the winner but he could have had loads more. Seemed frustrated at times but I can’t fault his effort. Mane – 8 That first goal was nothing short of filth to be honest. Set the tone for the rest of the first half and injected the spark required.
Subs Origi – 7 Sound when he came on to be fair. Getting much better at aerial battles and hold up play. Milner – 6.5 Just the calm, composed and mature head we needed when it all went tits up. Keita – N/A Wasn’t on for long. All in all I shouldn’t be that disappointed we dicked them first half and should probably give them credit but I’ve just not seen this side capitulate like that. Let me know your thoughts on the game below! Ross – @rossic89
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