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Ross – @rossic89

Well, well, well. Disrespecting the cup, they said. Not taking it seriously, they said. Taking the piss, they said. Ok maybe not the last one, but they may as well have done. After all they drama, debate and quite frankly, utter nonsense of the past week or so lets give the kids some fucking credit shall we? No one really gave them a chance, no body (opposing fans) thought they should be there or wanted them there. But you know who did? Jurgen Klopp. The staff at Liverpool. Neil Critchley. The people who fucking believe in them. Just look at the tweet below. The lads deserve all the praise in the world. Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any affect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Kelleher – 7 I don’t think he was poor, I think we are just spoilt with two superb goalkeepers in the first team. And I have to remember he is only young. Fortunate to see their goal disallowed after he palmed it straight to Lang. Again, I might be being harsh as he couldn’t have done much about it tbh. Williams – 9 This lad continues to show why he is rated so highly by the club. He has signs of playing like Trent; not shy at getting forward, has a keen eye for a pass and defensively for his age, he’s quality. The FA might not give him the assist, but I will. Hoever  – 9 One half of the Dutch centre back pairing and my word was he impressive. I think it’s key not to expect too much from these lads but his positional awareness was spot on tonight and between him and van den Berg they reduced Shrewsbury to a handful of shots. van den Berg – 9 He’s not been in great form since joining the club but fair play, he was exceptional tonight. Disciplined, organised and authoritative. Didn’t put a foot wrong. Lewis – 7 I’ve seen Lewis play a few times and his commitment can never be questioned. Fairly old school when it comes to tackling, wouldn’t fancy being in a 50-50 with him! Clarkson – 8 Very much adopted the Hendo or Gini role tonight; pressing high up the pitch was key, as well as providing support to the full backs and recycling play. It’s as if they have been taught to play the same way!



Chirivella – 9 Chirivella continues to shine. Drops deep to pick up possession and dictate the play. He’s been seen as a meme in recent months but he’s full of potential. Loves a slidey too that lad. Cain – 7 Much like Clarkson Cain was charged with cutting out the passing lanes with the press and supplying the front three. Was a bit of a struggle in the first half but he defo grew into it and will have had the confidence and backing of the crowd. Jones – 9 I’ve been reliably informed that the correct term to sum up his performance is ‘absolute baller’. I’m guessing that’s short for footballer? OR Something to do with the piss taking on monumental levels! Nutmegs, Cruyff turns, Rabona crosses and more. He was everywhere in the attacking third. He demanded the ball at every given chance. Millar – 7 Struggled to get hold of the ball in the first half, which wasn’t his fault but Liverpool as a whole looked a much bigger threat in the second. Have to applaud his persistence his making continuous runs in behind and not giving up. Elliott – 8 16. Fucking 16. Can’t help but admire the swag backed up with quality. Will be kicking himself with that chance at the end but it doesn’t matter. The kids are alright!!
Subs Hardy – N/A He was HARDLY on. Get it? Hardly. Hardy. Dixon-Bonner – N/A Played like 3 mins so can’t give him a rating. Boyes – N/A Wasn’t on long enough to rate. Let me know your thoughts on the game below! Ross – @rossic89
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