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Well butter my arse. This could be the end of me yanno. A smart man would buy shares in underwear, we are going to need them. Never the easy way but we came out on top yet again!

I think I’m still in shock. Even better, their World Cup winning goalkeeper had a huge brain fart. Quite nice to be on the other side isn’t it?

But what did we learn?………

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Don’t worry, I’m not going full Brendan here, there won’t be three envelopes knocking about. Another game where we don’t make it easy, drawing with minutes left but we simply don’t give up. As I mentioned Lloris dropped a clanger but you have to persist with these things. We always create, we should have been more clinical, particularly in the first half – Mané was unlucky not to score.

Van Dijk is just something else….

Ok, maybe not something we learned today but that two on one is sensational defending. I was convinced Spurs were going to score. What a dick I am eh? Off to write a million lines of ‘Do not doubt Virgil.’

Fabinho has to start!

No idea why he didn’t. I’m sure you will agree. When he came on you could just see the difference; the needle, the aggression and playing on the front foot. He’s been superb recently and that short performance showed what we missed him. Get him starting on Friday night!

Sit tight.

It’s going to get intense. Ok, I know it already is. But it’s going to get worse. There’s going to be some incredible highs and some terrible lows. We are all in this together.


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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