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Article by Lauren Black [email protected]_Black9 

That was one of the worst games that I have watched this season and yet I am the happiest I have been all season. Love a good Derby Day win.

Unfortunately, I can’t just write that and be done with it so I do have to dissect some of the moments in the game.

Midfield Needs To Be Stronger 

When I first saw the team I was quite happy with the line-up and was confident that we could get the job done but I was not impressed during the game. Fabinho made some crucial tackles at times but then seemed to be a bit lethargic and not track back at other moments in the game, Wijnaldum was off the pace to today and that’s not like him, he is usually full of energy and wanting to get forward at all times but I think once he realised that the Everton midfield wanted to actually play football this time then I think he was more interested in keeping track of their players.

I was happy to see Shaqiri in there too and was hoping he would fulfill that number 10 role and allow Firmino to start up-front but he was playing in Salah position and I’m not a fan of it to be honest. Firmino is best played up-front and Salah on the right but Klopp seems to be trying out a different tactic this season but so far it hasn’t really paid off.

Alisson Is The Buy Of The Summer 

I am so happy that the Brazillian is playing for our club, a solid performance from him today and he made some incredible saves to keep up going throughout the match. That little lay off to Trent might have seemed weird at the time but it helped him deliver that cross into the box.

We should definitely be thankful that Klopp decided to invest in his during the summer and I am hoping that he stays here for many years!

Divock Origi of All People

So I had to explain to a number of people sitting around me at the game who asked ‘who’s that fella with the mad hair there?’ Once they found it was Origi they where very surprised, he then comes on the pitch and my dad says a number of swear words. He then heads the ball into the back of the net in the 96th minute and everyone bloody loved him.

He hasn’t been involved much in the team this season and wouldn’t have been the player I would have put on in today’s game but credit to the lad for staying professional and working hard enough to get himself back amongst the squad. I saw a stat on twitter earlier before saying that he has scored in every Derby he has played in and that is definitely something he should be proud of.

Still Causing City Problems

Man City must be furious that we are only two points off them, they have played brilliantly this season and have only dropped two points and yet the Reds who are playing awful are still right behind them. I don’t care how we win, how many goals we score or who scores them, as long as we are still within touching distance of top spot I am very happy.

Article by Lauren Black – @Lauren_Black9

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