Liverpool vs Roma: Player Ratings

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Jesus fucking Christ. There isn’t enough beer to settle the nerves I had tonight. I can’t believe what I’ve just seen. 5-2 in the semi final of a Champions League. Unreal goals and some unreal performances. Conceding two is frustrating but we take a three goal lead to Rome, we’ve played some scintillating football and the reds are fucking mustard, Karius 6 Shit me up in the first half, not sure what he was playing at. Not sure he could have done much more for either goals. Needs to be on top form for the second leg. Alexander Arnold  8 19 years of age and playing like an experienced right back. Roma set up with a high line and Trent just pinged balls in behind, his bread and butter. Van Dijk 7 Kept Dzeko quiet and bossed the defence as per. Sure he will be fuming with Degsey for the first goal. Lovren 6 Decent until that mistake. Klopp has even come out and said he has all the tools, he just needs to work on his concentration. Yeah, we know. Wouldn’t batter him for the next week, we need him. He will be pissed off with that too, just fucking learn from it. Oh and he should have scored a free header.   Robertson 7 Becoming Mr consistent, loves to drive forward and is always confident and reserved when defending. Links up brilliantly with Milner and Mane every time! Henderson 8 Gets slated a lot but his ability to dictate the pace of our game and put us on the front foot should’t be underestimated. Thought our midfield was boss tonight, De Rossi and co looked average at times. Milner 8 Milner was brilliant AGAIN. The pen decision was harsh in my opinion but shouldn’t taint his performance. Got stuck into their midfield and never shits out of a challenge. Ox 6 Hard to rate as he went off early. Gutted he’s out, he was in good form and we are short in the department. Looks like his season might be done. Salah  10 Two goals, two assists. Two fucking good goals. Top bins for the first and a casual chip for the second. Not only did we rip Roma off, he’s potentially just knocked them out the Champions League. Bobby  10 Salah will get the praise but Bobby’s work off the ball creates the chances, he just tears defences apart, doesn’t let the breathe and has an exquisite touch. Bagged two goals and two assists. My hero. Mane  7 Will get slated for missing a one on one but he never gives up. I knew he’d score, yes he’s fortunate we have Salah and Bobby to bang them in but he could do with being more clinical to settle my heart rate in future. Subs: Gini- 8 Looked bang up for this when he came on, injection of pace and runs in behind the back three, always looked to create something, Superb defensively too, didn’t give them a second to think. Ings 6 Replacing Salah is always going to be difficult, thought he was quiet to be honest but he joined the game at a stage where we were tiring in midfield. Klavan 6 Was only on for minutes. Article by @rossic89 For more Redmen TV content including podcasts, subscriber exclusives and three new shows every week subscribe now and get your first month for FREE  
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