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Article by Imraan Adam @imadam786

It’s been almost a month since Liverpool lost the Champions League Final against Real Madrid in Kiev and already so much has happened. We’ve had one transfer in, two players going out, being linked with every goalkeeper in the world as well as being involved in one of the weirdest transfer breakdowns I have ever witnessed. So yes it’s been quite a month, but I wanted to look more in-depth at some of the issues surrounding Liverpool at the minute and explore what this summer could bring going into the new season.

I was meant to write this article two weeks ago, on the day when we were meant to announce the signing of Nabil Fekir, and we all know how that went. I didn’t want to start writing until he was officially a Liverpool player, and in hindsight it was a good job I waited because the longer we went without any news the more I was thinking to myself that something wasn’t right. We all know that the deal didn’t go through and while some Liverpool supporters were losing their heads on Twitter I was much more relaxed about the situation.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s obviously very disappointing not to get a player of that calibre and I was gutted that the deal had broken down but one thing I wanted to point out is that I have absolute faith in Liverpool and an our  transfer committee. For Liverpool to pull out of a deal like this there must have been a valid reason, and it turns out the concerns over Fekir’s knee must have obviously been enough for Liverpool to back out. Now for me this makes sense, why would you want to invest money, and by the way incase people have forgotten £52 million is a hell of a lot of money, into a player that might break down in two or three years. You might as well back out of the deal and invest that money into someone who is more likely to be at the club long term.

At the end of the day Fekir isn’t the only player who can play in those positions and I think people are being ridiculous by even hinting that somehow Liverpool have messed up their whole transfer strategy for the summer just because we backed out of one deal, really people? We are barely three weeks into the window and people are already losing their heads and making a mountain out of something which is a little mole hill.

Don’t get me wrong it’s disappointing but by far is it the end of the world. Personally I do hope the deal can be revived but even if Liverpool don’t I have enough faith in Michael Edwards and the team to know that there is always a reason and at the end of the day this transfer committee has not let us down in recent years so why are we losing our heads people, just chill.


One of the major talking points that came out of the Champions League Final was our goalkeeping situation and whether Liverpool needed to go big and get a world class keeper after the two howlers made by Loris Karius. I will admit in the days after the final I was adamant that we needed a new goalkeeper, and I didn’t just want another “maybe” keeper, I wanted Liverpool to go in big and hard and get a world class keeper in who would solve this problem once and for all.

Then the news came out about Karius’s concussion he suffered in the final, and again my mind was swayed more in favor of keeping the German next season, especially how it looked like we were going to have to splash out £90 million to get a keeper of world class quality, and then I watched the debate show that Chris and Tom did on the Redmen TV, for those of you who haven’t watched it it’s well worth a watch as there are some quality arguments on both sides and the whole thing frazzled my mind even more.

So here’s where I am with the whole situation I do think Liverpool need a new keeper on the basis that I think Karius’s confidence will be absolutely rock bottom at the minute and my worry is I don’t know if he will be able to recover from those two mistakes and it just worries me that we are potentially going to have a broken man in goal for us all season.

However, with that said I have absolute faith in Klopp and if he decides that Karius will be our number one next season I have no problem with getting behind the guy and giving him my full support. Liverpool are in a really good position in the sense that we start the season at home and if we win that coin toss Karius  will be at the Kop end for the first half of the game, this is where Liverpool supporters need to do our bit. If Karius is in goal we have a unique opportunity to build his confidence up ready for the season, all we have to do is sing his name for that whole 45 minutes, I don’t care what the tune is and I don’t care even if you don’t like the guy, if he is in goal we need to get behind him and give him our full support because that is the only way we are going to build his confidence up and make sure that we have a good season.

One thing I am really excited about going into the season is our midfield and how tasty it is going to look next season. We already know about Naby Keita coming to Anfield and what quality he’s going to bring to the centre of the park, but the signing of Fabinho which came out of nowhere has already made me start licking my lips in anticipation. Personally I loved the way the signing was completed, it was a throwback to the good old days before Twitter and the internet made the whole business of transfers a right mess.

I didn’t grow up in Liverpool so I couldn’t just open up the Echo and see who Liverpool had signed, I had to rely on teletext for all of my football information, and I loved it. As fans we weren’t able to get our hopes up that we might be signing someone only for the deal to fall through, we just got told when a deal was done, and I liked that aspect of the Fabinho deal.

However it’s not just that aspect that excites me, what I am really happy with is at last we have what I call a proper holding midfielder. We haven’t had this kind of player since Javier Mascherano left the club in 2010. This is crucial if Liverpool are going to challenge for trophies the seasons to come, we need someone who is literally just going to sit there and break up play and do it at a consistent level.

For me Jordan Henderson doesn’t do that enough and I don’t think he is suited to that number 6 role, this season he has been so inconsistent he has given me a headache at times. Henderson’s performances this season can be summed up in the semi final of the Champions League against Roma. In the first leg at Anfield I thought he played the game of his career, he was absolutely brilliant, going in hard, winning the ball and laying it off, he did that superbly all game.

The second leg was probably the worst game of his career, he went missing for large parts of the match and to be quite honest I forgot he was even on the pitch he was that poor. Fabinho will bring that consistency along with pure quality, his introduction to the team could also allow Henderson to play in the number 8 role which would allow him to get forward more and express himself.

But there’s another aspect to the Brazilian arriving at Anfield which really excites me, so imagine start the first game of the season with Fabinho, Keita and Henderson in our midfield, all of them are capable of playing the number 6 and in the number 8 so could we see a rotating midfield in the same way that our front three are constantly changing positions.

Admittedly that would be a lot more difficult to implement in the midfield but if Klopp could do that, oh my days, that would scare the living day lights out of any opposition. I don’t care who you are and what team you belong to, a rotating front three as well as a rotating midfield would have you quaking in your boots and I really do think this is the way our midfield will go next season.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the rest of the summer develops in terms of who we bring in and who we let go but one thing I’m certain of is that as much as I am enjoying this World Cup I can’t wait until it’s over and we can get back to looking forward to what promises to be an amazing season for Liverpool Football Club.

Article by Imraan Adam @imadam786

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