Liverpool’s Finances Revealed | The Redmen TV Podcast

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Liverpool’s Finances Revealed | The Redmen TV Podcast

Paul, Chris & Ross are here with this week’s Podcast, where we take a look at Liverpool’s finances and see if Liverpool’s relative lack of business this Summer can be explained.




Half Space @HalfSpace8

Sport related: How do you think the squad will be rotated between CL and PL games over the next 3 weeks? Non-sport related: Favourite place you’ve visited abroad for non-football related trips.

Kedar Janawade @janawade_kedar

Would you rather live in a world where Gerrard didn’t slip against Chelsea and we win the league in 13/14, keep Suarez, but then give Rodgers a new contract and miss out on signing Klopp or stick with the current version? Too much Marvel What If for me.


Swiss Ramble Delve Into Liverpool Finances 

  • He had to post a tweet about blocking people straight after releasing this.
  • What are your takeaways?
  • Are Salah and/or Mane key to what happens next?
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