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Article by Imraan Adam @imadam786

Monday saw Liverpool crash out of the FA Cup at the 3rd round stage against Wolverhampton Wanderers in a game that was as flat as a pancake and left the performances of several senior Liverpool players under intense scrutiny.

Divock Origi, Daniel Sturridge and Alberto Moreno came under heavy criticism and extreme fire from fans and punters alike for what can only be described as a dismal and absolutely hopeless display from the trio, and with Liverpool allowing three players to leave the club this season that would have quite easily taken the place of Origi, Sturridge and Moreno the question has to be asked have we let the wrong players leave the club?


Danny Ings was allowed to leave in the summer in order to secure a lone move to Southampton and with Nathaniel Clyne and Dominic Solanke being allowed to leave as well in the last week, both going to Bournemouth. fans are now beginning to ask the question if these three players would have made any difference to the result on Monday, and if so did we actually need to get rid of Origi, Moreno and Sturridge instead? In my opinion yes we should have, and here’s why….. Although Sturridge started the season in promising form the former England International has slipped back into old habits ever since his last minute equaliser at Stanford Bridge in earlier October.

There was no doubt that goal showed Sturridge at his best and demonstrated the quality that he does possess. However he has almost let that goal go to his head and now thinks that he is the best player in the world. We saw this against Huddersfield and Red Star in the away game, where in both matches Sturridge was playing for himself and not for the team or the club. The amount of times I shouted at the TV in both matches for him to release the ball I ended up losing my voice just on that phrase alone. Since the game against Chelsea he has done absolutely nothing in front of goal and his inability to work for the team has been demonstrated so many times.

On Monday he was one of the more senior members and therefore should have been setting an example, especially on a night where we had three teenagers playing for us. In his own way Sturridge did set an example, an example of how not to play football and of how you should never let your ego get the better of you. In my opinion forget about offering him a new contract, if we can get any money for him in January we should take the money and seriously think about recalling Ings from Southampton, may be even do a trade deal and ship Sturridge down to the South Coast.

Sturridge wasn’t the only player on Monday who let the team down enormously, even though Divock Origi has given me the best moment at Anfield I have ever experienced when he headed in the last minute winner to win the Derby last month, the fact of the matter is Origi doesn’t have the quality that is needed to be a Liverpool player. Granted, his work rate is always good and he will run his arse off for the team however his end product simply isn’t good enough, whether that is passing, his ball control or shooting Origi isn’t up to the standard that is needed to be a Liverpool player.

Last season Solanke was given the nod over Origi and I can’t help but think if the young Englishman is still a better fit. I know he only got one goal last season but you have got to remember this is a young lad with a lot of potential and I think his ceiling is a lot higher than Origi, personally I wouldn’t have sold Solanke and would have let Origi go instead.

Then there is Alberto Moreno and for the life of me I cannot understand why we are still paying this guys wages, seriously someone needs to tell him to look for another job because the man cannot play football. To say that Moreno hasn’t been the most popular player amongst Liverpool supporters in the last 3-4 years would be a massive under statement as his mistakes have not only cost us valuable points but they have also cost us a European Trophy as well.

Time and time again we have been sat watching Moreno thinking will Klopp ever learn because the guy is a liability every time he is near a football pitch. Seriously we just need to let this guy leave, if we get £1 million for him we would have got a good deal as in my opinion he wouldn’t even make it at Championship level and to be quite honest I’ve seen better left-backs in my local park on a Sunday morning, the bottom line is Moreno is absolute garbage and shouldn’t be wearing the Liverpool shirt.

Last week we let Nathaniel Clyne leave on lone to Bournemouth until the end of the season, although Clyne is right footed he can play at left-back and in all honesty would probably a better fit than Moreno, personally I would be very concerned if Andy Robinson picked up in injury and we had to play Moreno for a considerable amount of games, to be honest a situation like that could cost us winning the league.

I put on social media on Monday night after the game that I didn’t think these three players were worthy of using a toilet at Melwood let alone wearing the Liverpool shirt and I stand by that statement. Unfortunately I think we are probably stuck with them for the rest of the season but in the summer Liverpool shouldn’t be trying to get a good deal for them as they are garbage, so we just need to cut our losses and sell for whatever price people are willing to pay because quite frankly I do not want to see these three in a Liverpool shirt ever again if I can help it but definitely not beyond the summer.


Article by Imraan Adam @imadam786

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