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Paul, Chris & Ross bring you this week’s podcast where they chat about the upcoming Merseyside Derby as Ancelotti’s renewed Everton side hope to stay at the top of the table and a chat on the reform of the league, headed by Liverpool and Man United!

    • OneEight92
      • Never drink beer again, or have to drink a pint first thing every morning?
    • [email protected]
      • If you could pick one politician to be one of the rugby dummies used to train goalies for corners, who would it be? (Any nationality is fine)
    • Liverpool leading the conversation on English football reform
    • Full thing being discussed on tomorrow’s Reds News Roundup
    • Ignoring the plans, what are the things about football that you think most pressingly need reform in football? (Maybe pick the three things you feel most passionately about the modern game that need changing)
    • The Merseyside Derby Looming
    • Liverpool going into lockdown and the Ev on the horizon- probably not what we all need right now, hahaha!
    • Naby probably has Covid- not confirmed
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