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Paul & Chris have changed it up for the brand new Redmen Radio series! This week they are joined by Si and Bailey in a whole new set-up to discuss all of the recent Liverpool news, the Spurs game, the upcoming Southampton game and they answer LOADS of your questions!




“Maych x Pajak” (Maych and Pajak)

Tom Blount
How many of you fell for the Van Dijk injury rumour/April fools


  • Rhian Brewster scored two on his behind closed doors return
  • Liverpool will play City in the FA Youth Cup Final


  • The Best way to win a football match?
  • Why that midfield 3?
  • Another goalkeeping gift. Are we lucky?
  • That photo of Lloris from behind the goalline is the best

TOPIC 2: Southampton

  • City will defo beat Cardiff so the pressure is back on us.
  • Southampton away has caused us problems down the years.
  • What do Naby and Shaq have to do to get in this side?

LiverpoolRoyalty‏ @liverpoolroyal
Who’s a better defender Van Dijk or Alan Hansen ?

Reilley Cooke‏ @ReilleyCooke
You’re on a desert island. Do you want: a) unlimited ham and cheese sammies, b) shelter, c) Mo Salah’s sand-writing abilities, d) a boat, or e) just to be VVD


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