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Ross – @rossic89

Right that was a fucking shit show wasn’t it? Fair play Man City. As much as we’ve been shocking they’ve been absolutely clinical tonight. Would have been great to win and wipe the floor with them but they’ve done it to us. Credit where it’s due. They were fired up and we clearly weren’t after missing a few chances. That’s a wake up call for our lads. My only concern is that is that I hope it hasn’t completely destroyed their confidence but then I guess they just need to remember they are Premier League Champions. Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Alisson – 5 Erm, a 5? Is that too high? Too low? Hardly had any help in front of him tonight did he? Champions anyway innit. Trent – 4 Not himself at all, but was anyone? City over ran the midfield and the wings. Caught out of position, below par passing and just one of them. Champions anyway innit. van Dijk  – 5 The lowest I’ve ever ranked him. EVER. Imagine what the score would have been had he not been there. Still got important blocks in but he will be pissed to concede four goals. Champions anyway innit. Gomez – 4 A shocker. Absolute shocker. Let’s not throw the a Premier League Champion under the bus, but we all know he can do better.Gave away a pen trying to pick up Sterling again – megged for the second. Champions anyway innit. Robbo – 4 Big block early on but besides that he was all over the show. Torn all over the place, out of position, no link up play and just a generally a bit of a shitter. Champions anyway innit. Fabinho – 5 Crunching challenge on De Bruyne, mopping up some of the attacks early doors but then it all fell apart. Played CB and was arguably better. Champions anyway innit.


Gini – 4 Lack of cover for Robbo and not a lot else to comment on from that performance was there. Completely over ran in the middle of the park. Champions anyway innit. Hendo – 4 Was FUMING at the end in the last ten minutes and deserves a bit of credit for blowing smoke out his arse but that is the least we expect from our players. Champions anyway innit. Salah – 5 Rough gig this you know. Supposed to mark a load of lads I love to bits but they didn’t perform, it hurts. Salah didn’t do anything of note. I know that, you know that, he knows that. Champions anyway innit. Bobby – 5 Pressing early doors, some cute link up play but nothing and I mean NOTHING came off for Bobby or the other lads up top tonight. Champions anyway innit. Mane – 5 Often an outlet and somehow, some-fucking-how, he missed the ball and should have scored. Not a great night. He will be fired up for Villa. Champions anyway innit.
Subs Ox – 5 Came on scored an own goal. Got off. Champions anyway innit. Origi – 5 Just sound. Not great. Not boss. Champions anyway innit. Keita – 6 Actually the one positive from Liverpool’s point of view. Got his foot on the ball and brought others into play. Champions anyway innit. Williams – 5 Bright in places but wasn’t on long. Champions anyway innit. Taki – 5 Only on five minutes. Champions anyway innit. Ross – @rossic89
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