Man City v Liverpool | The Second Leg

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Alright Reds.
It’s just hit me again. Champions League footy. Back to the excited, nervous and nauseous feelings of last week. Déjà vu doo doos if you will.
I’m not sure how much I can take. Come Tuesday night we could either be into the semi-finals or we could have been absolutely battered.
We go into this second leg with a 3-0 lead, (but you already fucking knew that) and my mind wasn’t prepared for it, my tiny mind couldn’t comprehend such a big lead and a clean sheet! It’s altered my view slightly to say the least.
Last week I was neither here nor there about the outcome. If we lost, well City are a decent side aren’t they, regardless if they’ve spent more money on their defence than some countries.
And if we won, happy days. I didn’t expect us to get this far so everything else is a bonus.
But if you had told me beforehand we would win 3-0, I’d have said talk to Frank, have a word with yourself, stop taking crack.
Not only that, we were able to relive that famous atmosphere, relive another coach welcome, bar the few bellends that tainted it. We were able to see, hear and feel the Anfield roar in its full glory. Nobody can take that away from us even if we do end up going out.
It’s what we live for, its why we support Liverpool and its why no other fan base in this country will come close to what we create. You can force it with shitty plastic flags and desperate attempts to generate something close, but it won’t fucking happen.
Now we have that lead I’m caught between two minds. One part of me thinks we’ve fucking got this, don’t let that lead disappear. City are good, but we’ve improved in all areas of the pitch progressively this season and we are capable of seeing this through.
They have to come out and play hopefully leaving their defence for the taking. We are devastating on the counter attack and it suits us, if we get one goal this tie could be all but over.
Add to that Klopp made several changes to the team at the weekend against Gravy train FC and it all slopes in our favour. Resting the likes of Mo Salah, Bobby, Mane and Ox ahead of this game could turn out to be monumental.
City again suffered a second successive loss, conceding another three goals and additional knock in confidence. It will work one of two ways. They will crumble because of it or they will come out angrier than Big Sam when he finds out ??Abrakebabra’ has shut early.
I said it last week and I will say it again, City aren’t used to teams coming at them, they have it their own way because teams are scared of them before a ball is even kicked. We’ve fucking gone at them three times this season and beaten them twice. Let’s all take confidence from that.
This might sound senseless but even if we were to go out, I’m still ok with it. Kind of. Hear me out. Of course I will be immensely pissed off, disappointed and depressed for a few days but do you know what, I still love this club.
The efforts and lengths the players went to in the first leg tell me everything I need to know about this team and the major improvement that has gone with it.
We will again strengthen in the summer and things are looking good for us. Naby Keita is on his way and Klopp will surely add more quality to that.
We haven’t reached the knockout stages of the Champions League since 2009 and the most recent appearance in the competition we were destroyed and to be honest embarrassed. We’ve reached the quarter finals of the Champions League and a top four finish looks to be on course, I’m happy with that.
Having said that, if we were to go through tomorrow night I am fully prepared for a sore head and a sore throat on Wednesday morning.
Another thing that give me confidence is that we will not approach this game by ??parking the bus’. Mainly because we can’t afford too, it isn’t our style and I don’t think it’s in Klopp’s DNA to even try that. The players will give everything they have got and that’s all that counts for me.
Regardless of the result, regardless of the outcome we should enjoy how far we’ve come and be proud of Jurgen Klopp, his staff, the players and our fans.
Oh and this??.
We’ve conquered all of Europe,
We’re never gonna stop,
From Paris down to Turkey,
We’ve won the fucking lot,
Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly,
The Fields of Anfield Road,
We are loyal supporters,
And we come from Liverpool,
….Allez Allez Allez
Up the Champions League Reds
Ross @rossic89

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