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Article by Lauren Black [email protected]_Black9 

Well, that ruined my Thursday.

For people who have maybe not read this article before, I normally pick a couple of moments throughout the game that stood out and try and dissect them a little bit but to be honest I don’t think I can pick one good moment from that game. Yes you could say I should speak a bit about the goal and fair play to Trent for pinging that ball to Robbo and for him not giving it up and getting it across the box into the path of Bobby who pulled off a great finish but the only word I could use to describe that performance would be naive.

Starting To Believe The Hype Too Early? 

To be completely honest I think the lads started to believe the hype a little bit and I feel like some of them have got an eye on May a little bit too early. You have got to take each game as it comes, looking ahead is not going to help and this should be a big wake up call that teams are not just going to roll over and let us play.

How do you go from beating Arsenal 5-1 at home to losing 2-1 away? it’s frustrating more than anything simply because I know how good this team can be and I know what the players can do to teams like City because we saw it last season and yet here we are.

I know I am overreacting a little bit but this is all raw as the game finished 10 minutes ago as I am writing this but I am so frustrated by the performance tonight.

Forget And Move On? 

Now here is the bit where I contradict myself and disregard everything I have said above.

11 millimeters. 11 bloody millimeters. Wtf.

Can it get any more frustrating than that? Well yeah, it can as we had about another three chances cleared off the line and a good save from their keeper to deny us. Man City are a good side and you can’t deny it, as much as you want to sit here and degrade them they played superbly tonight and where all over us from the get-go but we should have learned that they were going to do that from the first minute and not allowed them to do it for the next 89.

We can bounce back from this and we will bounce back from this, we are still four points clear at the top and that is so important right now. Win your next few games, keep the pressure on the rest of the top four and just play our game, do not try and change your tactics to suit the team you are facing or trying to hang on for a scrappy draw. I want us to go out and annihilate teams and show the rest of the league what we can do.

I know not everyone will agree with what I have mentioned in this article and to some of you it may seem like a load of gibberish but this is just my thoughts and feelings towards the game and you are 100% entitled to yours so let me know your thoughts on the game in the comments below!

Article by Lauren Black – @Lauren_Black9


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