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Not really sure how that ended 1-1 to be honest. We were truly woeful again at Old Trafford and didn’t really get going until the last ten. After all the hype, all the Sky Sports sensationalism and everything else that comes with it, a draw.

Obvious problems besides Liverpool’s poor performance. I’ll start with VAR, what is the point, what is this clear and obvious bollocks? Why are they afraid to overturn a decision? Oh I know, Martin Atkinson. Shocking performance from him too. Gave everything to United, couldn’t have made it more obvious. I know we were poor like but fuck me. Absolute joke him.

Anyway. 6 points clear.

Alisson – 6

Not that much to do in truth and not much he could have done for the goal to be honest. Glad to see him back, not that Adrian did anything wrong. Getting back on the pitch will be crucial for him despite conceding.

Trent – 5

Frustrating really. First an foremost he is a defender which has to be his priority but he found himself in space time and time again going forward but was intent on crossing from deep which played right into the oppositions hands.

Matip – 6

5 clearances and 5 ariel duels won for Joel. Would suggest a good performance which it was. Could he have been better placed for their goal?

van Dijk – 6

Defensively solid as usual but sloppy in possession. As was everyone else actually. Marshalled everyone like he always does.

Robbo – 5.5

Like Trent, he has to defend first and United were up for the counter. Always feel sorry for Robbo when he has Origi in-front of him, not a criticism of Origi but the link up play and trust just isn’t the same.

Fabinho – 6

Well points for clattering James first of all. Made crucial tackles, interceptions and the odd foul when needed but just sloppy again for portions of the game by his standards.


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Gini – 6

First half he was one of a few that took control of the ball and looked to have the upper hand on Fred. Nerves, the occasion, a general poor performance all round got to him and others. He smashed one in the top bin for Holland during the break, I wish he’d do it for us!

Hendo – 5

Not entirely sure why he was put on the right wing for a short period of time but we go on. Should be one of the players we look to to calm things down and keep the ball on the floor but it was all over the show from everyone.

Bobby – 5

Kills me to give Bobby a 5 you know. Just couldn’t get into the game bar the occasions he dropped really deep. United played with a back 7 to be fair and he did have a few balls fired at him but one to forget for Bobby.

Origi – 6

Always said he was an impact player but today he showed signs of being decent from kick off. During the early stages he was playing with confidence and got at the back line. Until he was kicked and the officials decided to fucking ignore it.

Mane – 5

Like Bobby, he just couldn’t get in the game. Out on the right for the majority of it but not like he hasn’t been there before. Really needed him to pop up with something special with no Salah and the rest having a mare.


Chamberlain – 5

Provided the attacking threat we cried out for for most of the second half. Went close with a few chances and defo had me off my sofa. Encouraging but needed to be on sooner for me.

Lallana – 6

Six seems high but I think we all said “What the fuck” when took to the field but he was in the place at the right time and rescued what was an abysmal performance from the reds.

Keita – N/A

Wasn’t on long enough to warrant a score!

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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