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Ross – @rossic89

Well there we fucking go. We scored goals which is an improvement but I’m sure the post match analysis and investigation will be about our defensive errors in that game.

It’s fucking glaringly obvious to us all that the centre back position is an issue. No Matip as he was being protected for the game on Thursday, great. Williams was a risk but it just shows where we are. He made more than one error in that game and one I think, is inexcusable.  Maybe he backs himself, maybe he was nervous, if you aren’t sure, get fucking rid.

We got more bodies in attacks, we didn’t hopelessly cross the ball, we did something different, it just wasn’t enough against a good side in Man United. Their game plan was clear to see. Trent getting forward left Williams and our back line, of what was left of it exposed time and time again. We just needed a better balance which I think we got when Mane came on and Jones dropped into midfield.

So, all in all a better, slightly encouraging performance from Liverpool but still not the heights we expect to see and have become accustomed too.We are out the FA Cup for this season and the conversation about bringing in a centre half before the window closesw ill be the talk of the next week.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 5

Conceded 3 goals so hardly a surprise he doesn’t get a high result. It’s a great free kick from Bruno, but he has to do better for that one. Can be considered unlucky for the Rashford one as he gets a slight hand on it but overall he will be pissed off.

Trent – 5

Well he didn’t have 3,343 crosses in that game, is that a positive? Possibly? Is reality, no. Was much better in certain areas and positions compared to recent weeks but our game play relies on him getting forward, which leaves us and Williams wide open at the back.

Fabinho – 5

A few wild challenges from Fabinho today, one leading to the free kick which led to the winning goal. In fairness he had a kid next to him and a lack of support from others. Be nice for him to have a regular partner at centre back wouldn’t it? You know, constant communication, a rapport, an understanding.

Williams – 5

Five might be high for some, I get that. You might be right. Several wobbly moments in that game, one of which led to a goal. I know he is young, I know he will make mistakes, he shouldn’t be anywhere near this side but any defender will tell you that you’ve got to take control of that situation. Just fucking hoof into the stands if you need to. Further exacerbates our need to sign a fucking centre half.

Robbo – 5

Better in terms on switching play and playing long balls up top but was always going to be restricted/hampered without his mate Mané, he can’t get forward as much and I don’t think he is committed to making the overlap as he would be if Sadio was playing. Plus I think it also highlights the tremendous defensive

Gini – 5

Another mixed bag. Great getting forward and making up the numbers, but I can’t help but feel that left us exposed at the back. Whether that is Gini’s fault is another conversation for another day but the way we played going forward much better but we just needed a better balance of protecting ourselves.



 Thiago – 6

Again he brings such quality to the middle of the park offensively and defensively. We all know he has a keen eye for a pass and the ability to produce something out of nothing. Looked goosed at the end there, Pogba left him for dust.

Milner – 6

A welcome start for Milner for me, a man who brings leadership in the absence of Jordan Henderson and a lad who contributed to causing a few issues at the back by running in between the lines and asking questions of the opposition, much like Gini was one of few positives to take from Liverpool playing football recently.

Bobby – 7

Much better from Bobby and I come back the bodies we committed forward, they dragged players out of position, they allowed Bobby a little bit more space when he dropped deep because those players were occupied. Which led him to get 2 assists for Mo. A fucking huge relief for all.

Salah – 7.5

WE DID A FUCKING GOAL…! Well, two actually. Salah took the first one so well too, a great run and an even better finish. A chip wouldn’t be a finish you would associate with someone having a dry run so it shows how much he believes in himself. Second was a quick snapshot through the legs of Henderson. He looked fucked off and rightly so. Do more of that MO.

Jones – .6

Hasn’t played loads of football of late but I thought it was encouraging from Jones. Much better when he seemed to drop back into the midfield when Mane came on; a role he is much more comfortable with and it showed.

Mane – 6

Should have come on much earlier in my opinion. Maybe it was earmarked for him to come on with around half an hour left but he just brings that drive and needle needed for a game like that.

Shaq- N/A

Late sub

Origi – N/A

Late, late sub

Ross – @rossic89

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