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With Mohamed Salah quickly becoming a cult hero and a fans favourite amongst Reds supporters the “Egyptian King” has already racked up six songs that are being sung by Koppites. Don’t know all of them? Don’t worry, here’s a full collection of the Mohamed Salah song sheet.

  1. Mo Mo, Mo Mo Salah

Sung to tune of the Jonjo Shelvey Song. It’s really simple and easy to learn, mainly because the song just consists of his name.

Mo Mo, Mo, Mo Mo, Mo, Mo Mo, Mo Salah

  1. Mo Salah lalala

So this one came out after the home game with Moscow, again it’s easy to learn.

We bought the lad from Roma and he scores every game, he’s Egyptian and he’s brilliant and Mohammed’s his name. Mo Salah lalala Mo Salah lalala


  1. We’ve got Salah

To the tune of “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies this one was written by Kevin Murphy and came out before our game at Anfield against Manchester City.

Salah, ah Mane Mane, Roberto Firmino, And we sold Coutinho, But that don’t matter at all actually because we got Salah, ah Mane Mane, And Bobby Firmino, And we sold Coutinho, But we’ve got Salah, ah Mane Mane. And Bobby Firmino, And we sold Coutinho, But we’ve got Salah

  1. Egyptian King

Probably the most common of all the Salah songs Egyptian King was first played at one of the pubs near Anfield after the Reds 4-3 win over Manchester City. To the tune of “Oh Sit Down” by James this one goes like this…..

Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Mo Salah! Running down the wing, Salah la-la-la la-ahh, The Egyptian king!

  1. A gift from Allah

Everyone loved the Luis Garcia song, so why not revive it for Salah? Well that’s what supporters who  flew out to the Porto game did, and by adding a religious twist the song worked a treat.

Mohammed Salah, A gift from Allah, He came from Egypt to Liverpool, He’s always scoring, It’s almost boring, So please don’t take Mohammed away

  1. I’ll be Muslim too

This is my personal favourite just because I am a Muslim. Sung to the tune of “Good Enough”  by Dodgy the song is proof that football is more than just a game, it’s brakes down barriers and brings people together no matter who you are, football doesn’t judge.

If he’s good enough for you, he’s good enough for me, If he scores another few, then I’ll be Muslim too, If he’s good enough for you, he’s good enough for me, Sitting in the mosque, that’s where I wanna be! Mo Salah-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la-la-la

So that’s all the Mohamed Salah songs for now, let’s all try and learn them and hopefully we can sing all of them against West Ham on Saturday.

Article by Imraan Adam


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