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Article by Mike Nicosia – @mike87cle We’ve all heard it at some point. From a disinterested girlfriend/partner, from a jealous rival fan that’s never tasted success. But let’s face facts. To some of us it’s so much more than just a game. 750,000 lining the streets can attest to that. Grown men ugly crying their arses off can attest to that. The swathes of future boys to born to be called Divock, will attest to that. I’ve described it several times on various platforms as the closest thing a lot of us have to religion. We have our gods, our legends and lore, hymns, a fucking marvellous place of worship, a sense of belief, and most of all a community. A community that is united and devout and when we’re in our church singing our songs we can move planets never mind mountains.

Special thanks go to the man of the hour. No not that sexy bearded fucker Alisson. Not the scouser in our team Trent. Not even the mountain of ice cool charisma that is Virgil. Herr Klopp. Our club is defined as one with a deep history of revered managers. Managers who brought success, a long held criticism of Klopp by – well arseholes to be frank. To get that monkey of his back his huge. It kills that (as Paul would put it) AIDS’y banter, and for Jurgen himself it must be a huge relief. But for me he was already successful. His first press conference – from doubters to believers. His major success in my eyes isn’t the silverware he’s brought but the change in mentality around the club.


Now the fans and the players are “fucking mentality monsters”. I imagine it feels like the days of Shankly and Paisley again. Hope and piss-boilingly defiant belief renewed. But not renewed without merit. Renewed because of the actions and abilities of one Jurgen Norbert Klopp. Jurgen run and hide my friend. Because if I see you – I’m hugging you and NEVER LETTING GO. I posted it on the subscriber Facebook group about starting a go fund me for his statue. I’m saddened that people thought I was joking. Seriously lads let’s get this sorted! In amongst all of the plaudits that have been bouncing around. There’s not been enough credit to a group that deserves it. That’s right – FSG. They bought a club in the utter shite. Down and out. About to become another Leeds. Yes they made mistakes in the early years. But they learnt their lessons. They’ve put their money where their mouth is and invested wisely. Long may their ownership continue. And if you think they’re bad, go look at Arsenal. Their owners didn’t even attend their final. John W Henry walked with Sir King Kenny Dalglish to the stadium in baking heat because traffic was so bad they were going to miss the game. FSG-outer give your heads a wobble. They saved us, brought us back from the brink and with Klopp and co brought glory back to the fields of Anfield road. But back to the point, we talk a lot about having the best fans in the world. And it riles the opposition, it conjures eye rolls, hatred and a bitterness that means they’re more desperate to see us lose than to win themselves. But we are the best fans in the world. The celebrations show that. The atmosphere in the bar I watched the game in in Cleveland Ohio, thousands of miles away shows it. But not only do we support our team but we support each other too. On a personal note, I’ve had a rough last 3 and a half years. I moved half way around the world on my own and struggled financially and mentally whilst trying to build a new life. One of my major anchors, was LFC and its wider community. Being moved by this beautiful club and it’s fans week in week out. Being given hope. Feeling like a part of the lads on RMTV who I’ve been watching since the Dark days of Hodgson (if you haven’t seen it find the video of Paul and his wife singing new lyrics to the Torres song after he left- class). This community we have built means so much to so many of us, especially me so I’d like to thank you all for taking this journey with me. Bill Shankly once famously said – Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that. Maybe that’s taking things a bit far. But from my own emotions, the emotions of other Kopites, the players and the staff… it’s clearly more than just a silly game. Article by Mike Nicosia – @mike87cle
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