The Rise of Multimedia: Football Journalism in the Age of Video and Podcasts

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With the age of digital media gaining more weight in the world of reporting, it would make sense that it would have a huge impact on sports. Covering some of the latest games and players can now be done entirely through online communication. For football journalism, there is massive following on how to get the newest coverage of what is going. Video reviews, talk shows, and podcasts are just some of the best examples.

This has helped a lot of new job opportunities in sports journalism to open thanks to the rising need for more tech-inclined personnel. Jobs sites such as Jooble can now have tons of recommendations built around digital media in football. We will be talking about the many different roles you may come across and the many advantages multimedia brings to the table.

Where it Begins

Sports journalism in general was rather slow when it came to the early days of broadcasting. It is now thanks to 24 news cycles that coverage can be given consistently. ESPN was a big contributor to this, specialising completely in sports-related news named Sportscenter. Instead of simply reporting on the scores for games, it went beyond this to cover more of the industry itself. From inspirational stories to upcoming presentations. It was about reporting on how this industry evolves with everyone that is involved, not just the players who compete in the games.

Football Blogging

You may have noticed a lot of Sports blogs appear nowadays. Upcoming journalists and other sports enthusiasts took to covering this industry in their own way. Thanks to free domains, a lot of people can create their own blogs on anything they want. They can pick up their own fanbase and customers. They can even charge a subscription to offer exclusive content and the latest news available. 

This is where a lot of people who wish to get into sports journalism can start their careers. When covering football, there are many topics you can write about in this industry alone. You can cover:

  • The career path of players
  • Report on biggest championship matches.
  • Offering predictions on who will win.
  • Biggest tv personalities and their contributions to the sport
  • Football fans and their opinions on recent events.

It is through blogging that you can work on numerous skills that can be most useful in football journalism. Learning how to report and write on topics can be a great thing to put on your CV.


It is thanks to blogging that also led to the rise of podcasts. Football fans always have a lot to talk about, which may not convey written work effectively. With podcast opportunities fans can express their thoughts in an unscripted format and share them with those who listen.Examples of popular football podcasts to follow include Football Weekly, The Football Ramble, Sky Sports Football, or That Peter Crouch Podcast. Some of these are from professionals who already have years of experience in the business. Others are simple fans that have achieved massive growth because of the podcast.

We Are Liverpool is an example on a specific podcast you can find related to Liverpool FC. This allows them to reach a specific target audience for those who are supporters of the team. The best way to get the support you need for a podcast is to aim at one target market which are more than likely to listen. We Are Liverpool talk about the things Liverpool FC fans really want to talk about. They provide a platform for those that want to share in this passion with like-minded individuals. This is what a podcast is about. It can cater towards those who require a voice in multimedia format.

How Media Reflects Change

It was mentioned before how football journalism has changed from more than just reporting on games. Many individuals involved in the industry are now looked at more thoroughly. The improvement of technology in media means more aspects of the sports world are covered. Social media was a big setup for this. Coaches, FC owners, and other sport professionals can receive just as much attention online as famous players. Even fans can earn a place in the news. For example, a photograph from the Liverpool FC Area had an interesting story behind it relating to a mother and her daughter. This can only be done thanks to the photo being uploaded on social media.

How to Find Work in the Growing Field

There are many more skills that are sought after thanks to the rise of multimedia. You don’t just need a journalism degree to secure a job. There are many people at work behind television, podcasts, websites, and more. You can find education to train you in multiple tools used in the industry. Working behind a camera and learning how to use a tricaster are some of the major elements of broadcasting. Having some marketing skills can also help, organising and producing the content football focuses on. These are just a few options available to you as you pursue multimedia football journalism.

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