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Ross – @rossic89

Another game, another boring, dull, lifeless and fucking annoying draw. 

Liverpool looked short of options, ideas and legs for me. Particularly in that midfield area. A lack of support for the front three, which left them with little space or passing options combined with some good defensive work from Newcastle made life difficult for the reds. 

Until one man entered the field. Thiago Alcantara. My word, what a player. 

There’s two ways to look at this result. A point gained, which in the long run, may be helpful. Or another two dropped. Which in the long run, may cost us. Sure, be annoyed like me, be disappointed. But don’t lose your head just yet. There’s a fucking long way to go, we aren’t even half way through the season. We won’t need 90 something points to win it. Be angry and lose your head in April/May or whenever this season ends if we haven’t won it. 

As you may gather. Not the best ratings tonight. 

On a more positive note, thanks to anyone who has read these ratings over the past year, even if you haven’t agreed. Life has been shite for all of us this year.

I wish you and your families all the best for 2021 and hopefully we are on the way back to some sort of normality and we can see Liverpool lift the title in the ground, in pubs and with loved ones. 

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 8

Wasn’t overly busy tonight but he did have his work cut out with the saves and punches he did have to make. One in particular during the second half, which he decided to save with both hands. Usual calm presence, besides that early pass to Milner which made my arse clench a little. 

Trent – 6

Listen, I don’t think he was shite, nor do I think anyone is immune to criticism. He got on the ball plenty of times but he passing, crossing and creativity was completely below his standard tonight. Which is poor on him, but also credit to Newcastle for getting back in numbers. 2/13 crosses and 7/14 long balls completed. Out of character.

Fabinho – 8

Not many positives to take from tonights game but Fabinho deserves another shout out. Playing CB again, with a different partner and still pulling out all the stops. Also a big fan of him picking up a yellow for taking someone out with his arse.

4 Clearances

1 blocked shot

2 interceptions

1 tackle

5/7 aerial duels

4/6 long balls

Phillips – 6.5

Made some big, important headers in the first and second half but it wasn’t his best game. Contributed to sloppy passing and a few nerves on my behalf. He’s not the standard we are used to, but that’s not his fault. If anything, in the nicest possible way, it highlights why we need to be in the market for another CB in my opinion. 

Robbo – 6.5

Can probably copy and paste from Trent to be honest. Maybe a little leggy too? Did everything right, it was just that final ball. Same can be said for everyone in that department. Big fan of the shithousery. Which summed up him and all of our frustrations with that game.

Hendo – 6.5

The midfield as a whole wasn’t great tonight, we just couldn’t get hold of the game. We look to Hendo to dictate the play, to inject pace, a sense of urgency and to crack the whip. Feels like that side of our game, and his, has been lacking recently. Again, it might be tiredness catching up. Doesn’t stop us being annoyed with these draws though.




Milner – 6.5

Good to see this man back, well, having anyone back at this moment is fucking great at the rate we are picking up injuries. On reflection, not really what we required for that game. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. As mentioned, our midfield was just a bit shite in general tonight.

Jones – 6

Curtis Jones has had some really good games in a Liverpool shirt, he’s also had one or two below par ones. Guess what? That will happen. I’ve seen loads of knee-jerk reactions over the past week and I get the frustration. He’s 19 for fucks sake. Chill. His progression and game time has been fast-tracked because we’ve loads on injuries. He wasn’t great at all tonight, that doesn’t mean he’s done.

Mo – 6

Had chances and didn’t take them. Some hard lines, some poor decision making and some were hounded out by Newcastle. Not making excuses for him, but there was also a lack of support from the midfield for the majority of that game, whether it be over/under lapping runs or someone to create some space for him. All in all though, shite.

Bobby – 6.5

Picked up some good positions and created some good chances for other but annoyingly it was just one of them. Chances you’d expect him to take, he didn’t. His first touch on more than one occasion let him down. Did some of his usual defensive work but looked absolutely goosed at the end.

Mane – 6.5

Again, not great. Constantly outnumbered and at times, out of ideas. No shots on target for Sadio again tonight and a figure of frustration. Without being lazy, I think the same can be said for Sadio as I did for Mo. Newcastle just got bodies back and he had nowhere to go.

Gini – 6

A well deserved rest in my opinion whilst still needing him for ‘fresh’ legs and fresh ideas in that midfield. In truth he didn’t really get involved but still somehow managed to be better than what we had. At least he got forward, joined in with attacks and asked questions.

Thiago – 9

Well, he’s just dead fucking good isn’t he? 17 minutes he played and he got me, a 31-year-old male, pregnant. Not sure how that works, don’t really care. Easy on the eye, levels above everyone else and the player we have been crying out for in the past few games. Only one negative. He wasn’t on long enough.

Shaq – N/A

Didn’t touch the ball.

Ross – @rossic89

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