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Ross – @rossic89

Well that’s it. Season over. Liverpool finish on a record 99 points, European Champions, Premier League Champions, World Champions. What a time to be alive! Missed the goal. So did BT. Dwight fucking Gayle la. Multiple brain farts in defence. No problem though. If there is anything we have learnt from this Liverpool side this season is that they do not give up. Things changed when the front three came on. Simply electric. Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Alisson – 6.5 Sound. Can’t actually remember him having much to do besides pick the ball out of the net to be honest. Big near post save and helped Milner out in the second half when he was under pressure. Golden glove was already gone so not much to play for personally. Williams – 6.5 Now. Williams is a young lad trying to learn his trade who was obviously targeted by Newcastle. Everyone was asleep for the goal including him but lets give the lad some credit, he grew into the game and backed himself. Is he Trent? No. Do I expect him to be? No. He needs games like this to develop. van Dijk  – 8 A monster again. Should never EVER go underrated this fella. Brain farts all round for the goal but was imperious besides that. Add to that he gets a big looping header to level the game. LOVE HIM. Gomez – 6.5 Still doesn’t look 100% does he. Again conceding early was far from ideal and he had a few shaky moments during the game too. But also glimpses of what he is capable of. Maybe the lad is injured. Or just fucking goosed. Robbo – 7 Typical Robbo performance. Absolutely relentless yet again and topped it off with an assist for Divock Origi. Still in the dying minutes of the game he is busting a gut to get forward as well sticking to his defensive duties. Gini – 7 Exactly what was required in the middle of the park. His strength and ability to protect the ball is second to none. Even brought out some skills this afternoon chipping a few of the lads before recycling the ball.




Milner – 7 Jimmy LAD. I think I was more preoccupied as to wether this will be his last game for the reds rather than his performance. Not helpful for player ratings, I know. Hasn’t played that much for a while but didn’t let it show. MACHINE. Naby LAD – 8 Probably the best of the bunch in the middle of the park and showed once again what he can do. He’s a risk taker, someone who backs himself and someone who isn’t afraid to take a man on. Taki – 7 One of his best performances and crucial game time for Taki. He’s still learning and settling into this side, that will have done wonders for him. Big pre season ahead for Taki LAD. Origi – 6.5 Not great. At all. Picked out pockets of space across the park but did the square root of fuck all in the first half and then comes out with a wordlie in the second half to put the reds ahead! Came off just after that. Ox – 6.5 Not entirely sure what expect from him these days, tends to really quiet in recent games but he grew into it today. Gets the assist in the first half for van Dijk and a few pop shots here in there. I think he needs a run of games in him. Which is a bit late now. The season is done.
Subs Salah – 7 A danger from the second he stepped on the pitch. Hungry for another goal and could have added to his tally for the season. Bobby – 7 Just filth isn’t he. There is no other word. Filth. Utter, utter filth. Mane – 7.5 He’s just so good. Anything Divock can do, Mané can do better. Be arsed being that right back seeing Sadio come off the bench. You can try and defend against him. But there is literally no point. Jones – N/A Played less than ten mins. Trent – N/A Was hardly on for long. Ross – @rossic89
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