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Hated every single minute of that game.

And Breath…

Well, that was not fun.

Newcastle away was always going to be a difficult game and anyone who thought we would go there and walk all over them needs to give their head a wobble because they are not the type of team to sit back.

Liverpool did incredibly well to be able to break down their defence and deal with some of their attacks, all credit to Newcastle for going at us and giving us a game but I do not thank them for the state of my heart rate at the minute.

There was a lot of talk in the lead up to this game about how Rafa will treat it with us being his former club but you have got to remember that he manages Newcastle and loves Newcastle just as much so he is always going to be putting out his strongest side here and giving us a game. Still, love him tho.

A round of applause for how the team handled the pressure, all the odds were against us in those final 15 minutes but the boys stayed strong and did us proud.

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Big Virg!

If he’d have missed that header then I don’t know what would have happened.

Awarded player of the year last weekend, has a couple of weary moments and a couple of brilliant moments against Barcelona and then tonight he just puts the middle finger up to all the haters who chatted about him midweek by putting the ball in the back of the net and being able to keep the Newcastle forward line at bay for a good portion of the game.

Was Trent Lucky? 

It was a weird moment, you’re kind of happy that Newcastle scored after that because Trent would have been sent off and then we don’t go on to score two more goals because he isn’t involved and the team is messed up a little bit.

Everyone will talk about that for the rest of the week now and we’ll be called all kinds but luck like that wins you games and could ultimately help us win the title if everything goes well so it is what it is.

22 goals and a concussion for Mo

He gets the goal he always wants after a beautiful cross from Trent and a brilliant finish from Mo on the volley, at this rate he could win the golden boot for a second successive season and that will be great for him personally with all the criticism he has received.

He then gets a head injury in the second half and goes off and you think well this is going to end in a draw because you don’t have your star player on the field, hopefully, everything is okay with him and it isn’t too serious and if he has to be rested for the Barcelona game then so be it because at the end of the day his health is much more important.

Up the Reds!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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By Lauren Black

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