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Alisson – 7.5

It could have been 4 or 5 if he hadn’t have pulled off some brilliant saves.


Gomez – 6.5

Prefer him at CB. Dealt with Neymar well at times and was confident in certain moments of the game.


Lovren – 5

Dunno why he has strolled back into this team, Gomez has to be playing CB for me and although Lovren played reasonably well at the weekend, I don’t think he deserved to start tonight too.


van Dijk – 6

his physical presence is enough to scare anyone but he didn’t quite have it tonight. Was hoping he would do better from some set pieces but it just wasn’t happening.


Robertson – 7

Deserves a 10 for having a go at Neymar at the end really. Tough night for the Scotsman having to deal with Mbappe but he had a decent game in my opinion.


Hendo – 6

Was obvious he was going to play as soon as he got sent off at the weekend but there were moments where I thought that Keita or Fabinho would have been better starting. I know this is a regular thing people say but he passed the ball back too many times (haha I know everyone is rolling their eyes) but he had a few opportunities to pick out a decent pass to put us on the front foot but he just didn’t do it.


Gini – 6

Nothing to shout about. Got replaced in the second half and rightly so considering we have the Derby at the weekend.


Milner – 6.5

Love James Milner with every bone in my body, this is actually the first game that he has scored in that he has lost (I’m pretty sure that is right?). Solid penalty from him and there was no way any keeper was saving that.

It was a tough day at the office for the whole midfield, got overrun too many times.


Salah – 6

Thought a Salah masterclass was impending but he didn’t do much tonight, moments when he held the ball up well and tried to turn the defender to create an opportunity but they were tight too him the whole night so there was no chance.


Firmino – 6

Thought he was finally getting back to his best and tonight he had moments where he held the ball up well and was able to pick out a pass but I miss the Firmino that was always firing, no doubt he will be back soon though.


Mane – 6.5

Frustrating night for him really, similar to Salah where he could get the ball but as soon as he did the defenders where right on him. Did brilliantly to win the penalty and I was hoping that was the start of the comeback but unfortunately not.



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