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Ross – @rossic89

Urgh. Fuck me. What was that all about?

All the hype, the excitement, the rush. And then 45 minutes of having our arse handed to us by Toni Kroos and fucking Gail Platt. A huge gamble by Klopp to play Keita in that game and I think we can all come to the same conclusion that it didn’t fucking work out. 

Before we throw him under the bus, lets have it right, everyone was shite in that first half. Everyone. We never got going, passing was shite, no pressing, no intent and no ideas. 

A combination of all that may have cost us tie. 

Suppose we will have to wait and see on that front.

Now those of you that take time to read this first bit, I’ll let you in on a little secret. These ratings can be considered generous. I could be a lot harsher but I can’t be arsed having a full on tantrum.

Alisson – 5

I mean, I love the tash but you can’t concede three goals and expect to get a decent rating. All be it, two of them weren’t really his fault. Does his best v Asensio but not enough and the less said about the third all round, the better. 

Trent – 4.5

The “Trent can’t defend” troops will be out in full force tonight. As well they might be, he showed a number of times why people think that, particularly one in the first half where I think I could have gone past him. He also did show why he is so good going forward, he played an absolute peach of a ball to Jota in the second half. 

Also gave the ball away. Loads.

Also no idea what he was trying to do for their third.

Phillips – 6

Mixed bag for him tonight. Looking at his stats he’s done really well but he gets done by a world class Toni Kroos ball. Yes, you can argue he should have been deeper but maybe that is a lack of experience in big games like this. Not necessarily his fault.

Kabak – 6

Much like Phillips to be honest. I thought for large parts of the game he did well against Benzema but maybe it comes down to our expectancy v reality. Did we think it was going to be a walk in the park for these lads? But also do we expect better? Not blessed with pace, which was showcased when he had a foot race with Modric. 

Fabinho – 5

Mad isn’t it. When he’s on it, Liverpool are on it. Maybe it was the people around him, maybe it was just the face we were a bit shit. Maybe it was Real Madrid were just on it. Wasn’t his worst game, but certainly not his best. 



Keita – 4

Never nice to be taken off in the first half, especially when you’re not injured. Maybe we should be happy he’s not. Everyone was fucking shite in the first half, not just Naby, 

Gini – 5

Was shocked to see he completed 94% of his passing tonight, not sure how that happened. Poor first half and for me, much better in the second. I say much better, still not great but he was able to get on the ball, to drive us forward and to contribute to attacks.

Mané – 4

Not sure how that wasn’t a foul to be honest, but we cannot dwell on that. I’m getting a bit of the Bobby-isms about him. I’ve defended him loads and have so much belief he will come good again, he shows signs of it but when we need it most it just feels like the end product is not always there. Maybe he is a victim of his own confidence, things that were second nature to him, he’s now second guessing. 

Salah – 6

Gets points for getting a goal, which if I’m going to be positive about it could be a crucial one. The front three were rarely involved and when they were Real Madrid were back in numbers and onto them. Mo picked up an excellent position, which was clearly on side by the way so I’ve no idea why they took about five minutes to fucking work it out. 

Jota – 5

Not Diogoal’s night tonight I’m afraid. He had chances and he did play a huge role in the Salah goal. But like so many of his team mates his passing wasn’t great. 

Thiago – 5

Shocked he didn’t start and shocked he came on before half time. Provided something else, those passes to break the lines, a calm presence and someone to actually take a few seconds before making a decision. Of course, he did get involved in giving the ball away too. 

And got booked. Obviously.

Shaqiri – N/A

Wasn’t on long.

Bobby – N/A

Wasn’t on long.

Ross – @rossic89


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