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Absolutely gutted to lose that. In truth, I never expected us to be in the final in the first place. It still doesn’t soften the blow, maybe in a few days things will look different. I thought the majority of players gave everything they had, I can accept losing if thats the case, thats all you can ask for as a fan, particularly when you come up against as side as good as Real Madrid.


Anyway, here we go.

Karius 4

4 might seem harsh to some, but it might seem generous to others. I’m not going to throw him under the bus, maybe I should but I won’t. He did actually make a decent save or two during that game but I’m still in utter disbelief at the two errors. I take take the Bale overhead all day, nobody is saving that. The other two are just unacceptable.

Trent – 7

Trent along with the rest of the back four had a decent game in my opinion. A 19 year old up against some of the best players in world football and nothing fazed him yet again. Hopefully he will use this experience and become hungry for more!

Van Dijk 7

Again like Trent, I thought Virgil was pretty solid, composed and dealt with the Madrid attack fairly well.

Lovren 7

Dejan was bang up for this game, he gave everything he had in the tank. A man that has been beaten and berated for three years by fans went out and proved he is capable of competing against the best. Lept like a salmon for the assist too!

Robertson 7

Going up against Ronaldo was always going to be tough, but lets not forget where this lad has come from in a short space of time. He made a wonderful last ditch tackle against Ronaldo and my first thought was “Fuck me we bought you from Hull and now you’re doing that!” He’s only going to get better.

Henderson 6.5

I don’t think it was a terrible performance from Hendo at all. But when you come up against Kroos, Isco, Casimero and Modric you’re always going to struggle. Took his post match interview well. Again I expect this defeat to inspire Jordan as captain of this club he needs to pick up the rest of the players too.

Gini 6.5

Gini again wasn’t poor by any stretch of the imagination. Full of energy, working the press and being creative in a congested midfield. He’s excellent recently and I’m gutted for him.

Milner  6.5

One of our most experienced players and it showed. Going over to the crowd and gearing them up before he took a corner which led to the goal is something that endears him to fans. Doesn’t fuck about and gets the job done.

Salah  6

Dejected. It’s hard to find the words to describe how we all felt seeing Salah go off injured. There’s no doubting it had a physiological affect on the players. You can plan all you like before a Champions League game but you can’t plan for that.

Bobby  6

Up against two of the best defenders in Europe and he was kept fairly quiet as the game went on. The first half an hour or so we were unbelievable. Bobby has been my favourite player this season and one of our most consistent. Devastated he hasn’t topped all his hard work off with a medal. He will be back.

Mane  8

Our best player. Could have had two goals as well. Unlucky to hit the post, another night it could have gone in, but it that summed up our luck. Mane was driving at the defence from the word go, the no fear, aggressive Mane we all love to watch. Carried on when he was sent over the right hand side. Our biggest threat and once again I’m devastated for him.


Lallana – 6

Was always going to struggle filling in for Salah and the lack of game time hindered him

Can – 5

Wasn’t on for long enough to warrant anything else.

I said it on my match reaction last night but regardless of last night I am proud of this team, proud of Jurgen Klopp and proud of our fans. We’ve created memories, experiences, emotions and some stories to tell. As a football fan thats what counts, of course winning trophies does too and I’d love to be sat here saying we won it but it just wasn’t to be.

We were undone by an absolute worldie from Bale, bad luck and two catastrophic errors. Like I said earlier the lads gave everything and have taken us on a journey this season.

Hopefully this is the beginning of something not the end. You have to take into account the quality and experience of Real Madrid too and as much as it hurts, give them credit. When you have the ability to bring someone of Bales quality off the bench then you’re always going to be in trouble, he proved to be the difference.




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