Red Star Belgrade 2-0 Liverpool | Player Ratings

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Article by @rossic89

Warning – If you don’t agree with any of these, it’s ok. We all have opinions! Let me know yours below!


Well that was fucking shite. Out played in all areas of the pitch, atrocious passing and we didn’t take the few chances we had.


Alisson – 5

Could he have done better for the second goal? Left van Dijk short with passing out from the back.


Trent – 4

Not sure whats happened to Trent recently, just not on form at all. Got caught out a number of times, hooked at half time. Gomez made him look even worse.



Matip – 4.5

Strange decision to start him to be honest, offered nothing apart from hoofing the ball.



Virgil – 5.5

Not great by his standards but imagine what the score would have been if we never had him. In fact don’t, just enjoy the fact we have him. Seems a strange decision not to man mark Pavkov on set pieces, not his decision though.


Robertson – 6.5

Not particularly hard but I felt he was our best player tonight. Still not great but he was always an option and worked his balls off defensively too. Little Duracell bunny.

Gini – 5

Bullied in midfield, but we were outnumbered yet again. Poor from Gini, poor from everyone to be honest.


Milner –  5

Still throws himself about and tries to set precedent for everyone else but we seem to get overrun in midfield far too often these days. Wish we had three of him tbh.

Lallana – 4.5


Unlucky not to score a diving header and seemed to have some confidence about him. Hooked off for Origi late in the second half. Not much else to say.


Salah – 5

Might be generous giving him a 5, he still persists with the runs but he lacks strength against sides like this. Things seem rushed and desperate.



Sturridge –  4


Looked dangerous at times but he missed an absolute sitter and he should have passed to Trent who was in acres of space, decided to shoot into a crowd instead.



Mane – 6

The only bright spark in attack for me, frightened the opposition with his pace and was often the only outlet in the first half. Got to the byline time and time again but wasn’t to be tonight.




Bobby – 5

Gomez – 6

Origi – 5

Give me your thoughts below.


Article by Lauren lack [email protected]_Black9

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