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Ross – @rossic89

Hello all! 

I just wanted to give everyone an update on our subscription model. If you are a Redmen TV ‘Club Legend’ this does not apply to you but you are more than welcome to read on. 

Just over a year ago we updated our subscription model and announced two tiers. The first ‘Club Captain’ remained a standard subscription allowing people to access Redmen TV content. The second ‘Club Legend’ (See image below) was designed to provide you with all of our content but for us to give something back to you guys and create a little community in a Discord group, which I can tell you is much better than YouTube or Twitter comments. 

The group is also a space to provide feedback to us and just to have a general chat. We have several channels including a non-football chat, a chat so we can access your comments for live streams/shows and more!

As well as access to our content and the Discord group there are also several other perks with the ‘Club Legend’ model. 

  • You will get a 20% discount on Redmen merch – I will email you a new discount code each month
  • You will receive free Redmen TV merch on a six-monthly basis – I will contact you when it is your time
  • Automatic entry into a monthly competition – A wide selection of prizes including; books, LFC merch, signed memorabilia and more (see this months below)

  • Name on credits on Redmen TV shows
  • Exclusive discounts on Redmen TV sponsors
  • TWO free tickets to Redmen TV shows – When we are allowed back in the open again! 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will happily assist where possible. If you do upgrade from another model drop me an email and I can provide you with more information. 

Finally, there is no pressure for you to do this. We realise times are hard and the world isn’t normal right now. We just wanted to make people aware. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Ross & the rest of the Redmen TV team. 





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