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How significant could a 4th place finish be?
In my honest opinion, massive. There are so many variables that this could affect. Finishing outside the top four could determine how much money Klopp has at his disposal, the potential to bring in and attract new players as well as motivate and keep the current crop of players happy. Now we have achieved top four we can also get rid of any deadwood or loan out players for further than experience rather than clinging on to them to support our lack of depth. A top four finish is significant in so many ways its untrue.
It also helps boost the confidence of the current team, staff and the fans. After the start we had and up until January it would have been devastating not to get it. I’m sure the small crowd that have already questioned Klopp and FSG would have been dying to jump on that bandwagon.
 Disappointed we never achieved more?
Yes and no. As previously mentioned, the start we had destroying teams for fun week in week out and being made one of the favourites to win the league, I as many other fans believed this team was capable of challenging for more than a 4th place spot. To reach a semi final and capitulate was also frustrating given the amount of extra games we had to play and at the time, the amount of injuries we were carrying.
I am also saying no as I’m still basking in the glory of Sundays result and it was such a relief to get Champions League football after a disappointing second half of the season. I am also slightly disappointed we didn’t invest in January and it could have come back to bite us in the arse. Again the saving grace was achieving that fourth spot.
Was Missing Out On The League Cup A Big Deal?
Yes, as previously mentioned to get that far and play over two legs for it to ultimately be a waste of time was a big deal. We achieved two finals the previous year so of course it would have been nice to pick up some silverware. The truth is, we simply weren’t good enough. That may have been down to injuries and playing three games a week at some stages. Squad depth has been a hinderance for us this season and I hope its something which is rectified in the summer. I trust Klopp, if he didn’t want to waste money on players he didn’t really want then fair play. I just hope he gets the ones he wants in the summer.
High point of the season?
There were several, the way we were playing up until the new year was unbelievable. Again, there were always concerns that Klopp’s intense gengen press style of pay would catch up with some players and it did. The high point for me was the last game of the season. It shouldn’t have been, but it was. Being able to unclench my arse for the first time in five months and finally relax at the fact we had achieved Champions League football just topped off the season. It’s funny how people laugh at how we shouldn’t be celebrating top four but with the competitiveness of the Premier League and despite a clubs history or what they have previously achieved the define right to automatically be entitled to something doesn’t exist, you have to go and earn it. That’s what Liverpool did.
Low point? 
January for so many reasons, Mane left, we picked up injuries and basically the backside fell out of us. Confidence had dropped and we didn’t invest in any players during the window which could have made such a huge difference. I’d rather not talk about it anymore if I’m honest.
Which youngster impressed you the most?
It’s a tough call between Ben Woodburn and Trent Alexander-Arnold for me. They probably got the most game time out of any of the other youngsters. Trent probably edges it as he started the game against United and I remember between some of my ‘mates’ who are United fans and social media they practically thought they’d won the game before it even started all because Trent was starting. Well he fucking showed them didn’t he. I think both of them have a very bright future at Liverpool and fingers crossed they can pick up some more game time during pre-season and into the next season.
Young players you expected more from?
I wouldn’t say I expected more from him, more I wanted to see more of him and that’s Shey Ojo. He had a good little run the season before and into preseason and he just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. I’m half hoping Klopp is nurturing him for the future. One thing we lacked this season apart from Mane, is another player that can beat a man and I think Ojo is capable of doing that.
Any player you tipped to be boss who wasn’t?
Yep, Marko Grujic. After buying him so young then sending him back on loan I thought he would have mentally and physically prepared himself for the Premier League or other cup competitions at least. He did impress during preseason against Fleetwood and he scored a worldie against Barca. That was about it, to be fair he has had a few injuries and has found himself down the pecking order behind the likes of Can, Lucas and Stewart at times. I still believe he will  come good as his tenacity and stocky build is something I feel the current squad is lacking.
Which player surprised you the most?
Joel Matip for me. I will be honest, I didn’t know much about him before he came and as he was free I was always suspicious. Before the season started I transferred him into my Liverpool team on Pro Evo, then I was sold. In reality he’s cool, calm and collective in what is still a shaky defence. His decision making has also been impressive, Lovren has probably helped him in that regard as he tends to wander off like a toddler in a toy shop at times.
Who was Liverpool’s most important player?
Theres a few that stick out in my mind. Mane, Firmino and Coutinho. But I’m going to go for Adam Lallana, he’s arguably been the most improved player under Klopp and I think that his relentless running on and off the ball at times in underrated. It’s ok to say he runs around with no end product but he often sets the tone with Firmino into our pressing high up the pitch which in some cases leads into opposition mistakes. Klopp can motivate the players all he likes but fan favourites are often the ones that show that heart and desire, I feel Adam does that.
Goal of the season?
Can is the obvious option, I don’t see another choice. Not only the quality of the strike and the fact it came unexpectedly from him, it was also one of the most important goals of the season. Liverpool were under extreme pressure and to try something like that was audacious to say the least. Had it not come off, we’d all be slating him.
Favourite, mad or weird moment of the season?
Merry Christmas Everton. Without a doubt. I don’t actually dislike Everton, but it’s always nice to get one over them and the timing couldn’t have been better. I went to see the new Star Wars before the game so it was already a magical day, but to beat them at their place, in the last minute before Christmas. Insane.
Most satisfying moment?
Again for me its the last game, just the relief and the mixture of emotions leading up to that game were ridiculous. Excited on one hand as Middlesbrough were already relegated and on paper it should have been a walk in the park. But as we all know it was also the type of team we had so much trouble beating throughout the season. My head said win but my underpants painted a completely different picture.
 Sum the season up..
All in all I think it has been successful for Liverpool. If you had said to Liverpool fans before the season would they have taken top four, I’m confident that the majority would have taken both your arms off for it. It only feels a slight disappointment due to the way we started the first half of the season. We have put ourselves in a position where we can negotiate with better players in a team I believe is on the up. If Klopp gets who he wants and FSG back him then next year should be nothing but improvement.
Ross Chandley
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