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Ross – @rossic89


Half twelve kicks off eh? Not a fan of them. Well actually, can I just shock you? They’re actually alright. 

Devastating performance from the only team unbeaten in the league and the only grip, if you can even call it that, is that it should have been more. Pick a number. Any number. 

Much better actually, we’ve been called complacent in some of these games, then you have the fear of the new manager bounce, the form post international break, missing players through injury or silly international games. None of that matters when you have one man. One man doing whatever he likes, one man on a mission, one man determined to fire Liverpool to more glory and one man that turned Danny Rose inside out. 


He’s unreal, just when you think he can’t do something better, something more magical he goes and does it again. 

Remember these are just opinions. Don’t worry about it. Make your own minds up. My thoughts don’t mean anything.

Kelleher – 7

Hahaha was he even playing? Think he did more in the warm up than he did the game. Oh no, 84th minute. Good save.

Trent – 8

No goals or assists today but really effective. An exceptional tackle in the first half, which was offside anyway but you play to the whistle. Watford couldn’t cope with him and Mo down that side. The pair of them has the run of the flank.

van Dijk – 8

Talking about players on another level. This fella back-headed-passed to himself. In a Premier League game of football. Do you know how mad that sentence is?! Premier League football. He’s an absolute joke.

Matip – 8

There aren’t many better sights in world football than Joel Matip in the opposition half. And to be fair, he didn’t have that much defending to do! What he did have to do was composed and efficient. 

Robbo – 7.5

Similar to the other side, Robbo and Mané pretty much had the run of the left side today. Not entirely sure what the Watford plan was to be honest but it meant our lads got plenty of time and space on ball. 

Hendo – 7.5

Bit of a theme here, but our midfield dominated Watford. We didn’t give them a sniff. Hendo was bang on it. Anytime they had the ball, he didn’t let them move. Great link up play and movement to create opportunities for others as well.



Milner – 8

Leathered that ball at Bobby for the assist and to be fair, it worked. Can’t be having Ben Foster anywhere near that. A total of four key passes, 2/3 long balls and 90% passing accuracy. The man is an animal.

Keita – 8

Love that from Keita today. Everything you expect from him; a monster in the press, breaking the lines, lots of shoulder dropping, dinking it over peoples heads and he was unlucky not to score after his shot deflected onto the bar.

Mané – 9

Tell you what, his finish was pretty decent too you know, won’t get the attention it deserved because of a certain Mo Salah but Watford allowed Mané thrive by giving him too much time and space. Sound with me.

Bobby – 10

It may have been from a total of 10 yards but you can’t not give a 10 to a player that scored a hat-trick can you?! Plus all the celebrations. For someone who isn’t ‘a number 9″ I’m pretty sure they were all goals from a ‘9’ – Love him.

Salah – 10

What is the point? What is the point of trying to stop this man? Danny Rose was ruined time and time again. Mo’s pass for Mané world class, only to be outshone by himself and sending 7 Watford players for a new manager. 


Tsimikas – 6

Sound really. Nothing great, not poor. Just good minutes for him and a chance to rest Robbo a little.

Ox – 6 

Didn’t do anything wrong, but also didn’t do anything of note.

Williams – 7

Only played 7 mins and got himself an assist for Bobby!

Ross – @rossic89

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