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Ross – @rossic89

Well there we have it ladies and gentleman. We won-ded a game of ball in the goal. Scored two goals as well. Nice feeling this. 

I’ll do my best to not get carried away, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. Sheffield United are bottom. They have been terrible. We should have been more than capable of winning that game regardless of injuries. And we did. 

Felt like it was going to be a repeat of the past five or six weeks; lots of possession, create a few clear cut chances, don’t score. In fact, that was the first half. 

Important thing here is that we kept at it, we didn’t give up, we didn’t need to change anything and the goals came. Huge 3 points in the bag ahead of a really, really, really big game on Thursday. 


Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Adrian – 6

A few hairy moments and saves which felt like he made more of a meal of them than he really needed too. Then there was an issue with Kabak which was offside and a few moments where there was a lack of communication or he didn’t come off his line quickly enough for me.

Still though, see those keepy ups he did for a laugh? HAHAHAHAHA!

Trent – 8

Deserves a huge amount of credit for not giving up on that ball which led to the first goal. Much better going forward and seemed to have a lot more options because we gambled a few more bodies in attacks which creates space for him to do his thing! 

Kabak – 7

Great finish for the OG wasn’t it? Maybe give Bobby his boots next week. Importance in this though was that he held a good line, then did the same thing a few minutes later. His head didn’t go. Good lad. 

Phillips – 8

Skin head ready in hope of basically looking dead fucking hard and intimidating or just to get clean contact on the ball. Or maybe he just wanted a hair cut. Won most of his aerial duels which is what you would expect. Didn’t put a foot wrong for me. 

Robbo – 7.5

Be boss if he could shoot wouldn’t it. Would be a complete left back if he could finish like Riise. Did everything that was expected of him, still has the ability to offer something going forward whilst doing his defensive duties. 

Gini – 7.5

Won’t get the plaudits because once again he doesn’t do the glamorous stuff. But there were some moments of brilliance there; he had a great chance to score and executes his role in winning and retaining possession well. 



Thiago – 7

2 Key Passes

88% Passing

4/5 Long balls

3/6 Ground Duels won

And a big slidey in which he won the ball and didn’t give away a foul.

Jones – 9

MOTM and it’s not close for me. Drops of the shoulder, retains possession, remains calm and makes the right decisions. Also contributes with defensive work AND SCORED A GOAL. He also dedicated that to Alisson’s dad, which just shows how mature this lad is on and off the pitch. 

Bobby – 8

Just didn’t think it was going to happen for him today. One, possibly two clear cut chances he didn’t take and then unbelievably enough he plays a few 1-2’s, surrounded by about 8 fucking lads and he does a goal. You need that sometimes, that rub of the green, that bit of luck. 

Salah – 7

Imagine how many goals he’d get if he could use his right foot! Had plenty of chances in the first half, made the right runs, caused loads of problems. It was just a case of finishing and fucking Ramsdale taking his turn to become prime fucking Buffon.

Mané – 6.5

Popped up in lots of different areas and in particular down the middle in which he was able to create something for Bobby. Looked a bit laboured in the latter stages, not sure if that should be a concern or a positive.

Milner – N/A

Wasn’t on long.


Wasn’t on long but looked positive. Vital minutes ahead of some big games. 

Ross – @rossic89

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