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Ross – @rossic89

I’m normally a positive person, a glass half-full kind of guy. But today has just been a load of fucking shite. A new year full of optimism, hope, a fresh start, a chance to react, to lift the mood to start a run of games and put the poor ones behind us.

Nope. Not today.

A shock going behind early on, compounded with early bookings, a slow, sloppy performance, more bad news in regards to lockdown. It’s just all too much sometimes.

I think we were all looking for some sort of reaction from Liverpool, the mentality giants and for some reason, it’s just not happening at the moment.

Tiredness? Possibly. Lack of centre backs? Probably. Lack of said centre backs and having to play midfielders in defence therefore having a knock-on effect on cohesion throughout the team in which we have to play a midfield we’ve never used be for? I reckon so. Southampton being well prepared, well organised and bang up for it? It helped.

All of the above. Fucking yes.

Chuck Andre Marriner in there too. Someone as much as fanny farts on a United player and it’s a penalty. Mo gets put in a headlock, Mané gets fouled in the box and it’s as you fucking were.

Anyway, here’s some ratings for some players who tried to play a game of football but weren’t very good and lost.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 6

Lobbed by Danny Ings early on, nutmegged in the second half. Got bored of being in nets and Liverpool being shite up top and thought he could take the glory and show them how it’s fucking done himself. He didn’t.

Trent – 4

His worst performance for a long time. Possibly ever in a Liverpool shirt. Now, he’s not shite. But he’s not immune to criticism. Sloppy, slow, predictable and to be honest, really fucking negligent for their goal.

Fabinho – 6

Wasn’t heavily involved in all honesty. Didn’t do anything stupid, kept things simple, his positioning was spot on and he recycled possession. He’s up there with Robbo as our best player so far this season, which doesn’t seem like much right now. But he’s a DM. He’s had more partners than Katie Price and still performing.

Hendo – 6

Reluctant to slag him off but also to praise him. He’s not been on top form recently and no one covered themselves in glory tonight. Playing him at CB means we lose so much in the middle of the park and the inexperience shows at the back. Albeit, not entirely his fault.

Robbo – 6.5

Tried to drive forward, tried to bring others like Mane and Bobby into play but it was either cut out, a poor pass or he was just outnumbered. He looked goosed, frustrated, a little bit fucked off and short of ideas towards the end. Highlighted by picking up a booking.

Gini – 6

Non-existent in the first half and I’m struggling to think what he did in the second. That goes for most players too. It was all a bit, meh. No one you could hang your hat on, at outlet, a positive. Overrun and outworked by Armstrong, Ward-Prowse and co. I expect better from LFC.



Ox – 5

Important to remember he’s not played much football, or even started a game recently. But that doesn’t get him off the hook. A performance to forget, not up to speed, lacking in ideas, drive, needle and just a bit of fucking effort. Might be match sharpness. Might be me overreacting.

Today has just been fucking shite. Liverpool don’t turn up, go behind early on, Thiago gets booked and the incompetent, scruffy haired twat-waffle puts us into another lockdown. It’s easy to let both these things get you down. It’s ok to be pissed off, to be down. We look to the Reds to relive us of a world of shite and then things are exacerbated when we look like we’ve forgotten how to play. Football is our escapism from everything else. We want to enjoy it.

I realised none of this is to do with Ox, it just felt like a natural place to let it out.

We will all struggle over the next few weeks. Perspective is a wonderful thing, sure there’s worse things going on. Have your meltdown, throw your Ps4 at the wall, go and twat a football down the road, breathe and come back.

There’s a long way to go in this race for the title, it’s not over.

Thiago – 6

Not sure how to follow Thiago or anyone else up after that you know. Excited to see what he’s going to do when his names on the team sheet, bumping into someone and giving away a free kick which led to a goal and then getting booked and giving away several other fouls wasn’t what I had in mind to be honest.

Mo, Bobby – 5 | Mané – 6.5

I’ve never grouped players together for ratings but here we are. Liverpool were shite and I’m losing the will to give a fuck at this point. Now, we should give credit Southampton but there goes another game where Liverpool have produced close to fuck all in front of goal.

Yes the odd moment of brilliance, skill and being fucking fouled in the box in Sadio’s case but not enough. Again. It’s not for want of trying. A mixture of poor touches, bad luck, incompetence, abysmal refereeing, lack of ideas and Southampton being bloody brilliant contributed to another poor showing in front of goal.

Mané the best of the lot but once again, not quite enough tonight.

Milner – N/A

Happy Birthday lad.

Shaq – N/A

Committed a foul. Nice fringe.

Ross – @rossic89

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