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I can’t do this anymore. I’ve ran out of pants. I’ve turned them around and inside out and there’s nothing left in them. I’m not prepared to go commando after last time…..

3 more points, another game which we’ve all aged and top of the league again!!!

Alisson – 6

Again not much to do. Pulls off pink well to be fair like.

Trent – 6

5 might even be generous, he was awful. Got a little better but substitution was right. As frustrating as it is I think sometimes we have to remember he’s only 20, then remember what we were doing at 20. Exactly, fuck all. Still got an assist like.

Matip – 7

Mad one for Matip. Some boss runs which resulted in positive moves then boss runs which resulted in stupidly giving the ball away and being fucking miles out of position.

Virgil – 8

I’ve said this a million times but I’m not sure where we would be without him. We were dreadful for large parts of that game and he kept us in it.

Robbo – 6.5

Again like most of the team the performance was worryingly woeful at times. One thing you can guarantee is this man will not give up. Southampton frustrated us for most of the game and chances were limited. Played a big part in the goal for Southampton too.

Fabinho – 6

Not his best performance. Midfield was completely over run and he looked lost. For all the hype and rightly so, he looked like a rabbit in headlights in periods tonight. In all honesty, who gives a fuck. We won.

Gini – 6

Same as Fabinho really. Still surprised he came off. He’s played LOADS of footy to be fair.

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Keita – 7

Well fuck me, who had him to start the game? Confused the shit out of me when he scored? I thought he was fumin coz he was offside? Nah, Baby Keith was just relieved! Could of had a pen too. Goal will do his confidence wonders.

Salah – 7.5

Listen, he wasn’t great again but that goal was something special. You could literally hear arses unclenching around Merseyside. And it’s all down to him. 50 for Mo, well in lad.

Mane – 7

Was kept quiet but a nuisance as always. Got much better in the second half as the space opened up.

Bobby – 8

I love this man you know. And I’m not afraid to admit it. I say it every week but his work rate is fucking ridiculous, his constant defensive commitment, his desire and he’s just a mad bastard. Got an assist could have scored. Beautiful.


Big shouts for Milly and Hendo. They changed that game for me. Mad we relied on them for energy and penetration and kudos to Klopp too. Many have been critical of the timing of his subs and he nailed it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please be aware that these are just opinion, so don’t take them personally!


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